When visiting any of the 50 states there is always an abundance of ways to take in the new environments. We can learn a variety of things from national and state history to local claims to fame. Whether natural resources are the state’s highlights or major industry, each unique American state offers more than interstates and chain-operated restaurants and hotels. from rivers and mountains and from sea to shining sea there are so many opportunities to take in every state you visit. One good place to start is by visiting the landmarks and attractions that every US state is known for. Because of how extensive these destinations are and the large number of states, this is an exciting bucket list that could take years to accomplish. Many of these are perfect for summer trips, while other states may be a gorgeous winter escape before next summer’s new adventures.

Planning a family road trip touring any of the 50 states will be easy with this printable of must see landmarks and attractions in the 50 states.

How to Complete a 50 States Bucket list

Bucket lists can be full of amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They can also be a way to chisel away at epic scale experiences. Something as huge as visiting all 50 of the  United States is a major deal that can take a lifetime. Rarely does anybody tour from state to state until they have seen them all. You either take your time visiting each state as opportunities arise throughout your life, or you can seek out new experiences systematically. You may plan individual trips for each state, or you could cover whole regions by taking road trips through several states at once.

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The way you accomplish the task of visiting the states is up to you, but what you do when you get there is a whole other challenge. Some states are more famous than others. You may know you want to visit Disneyland and see the Golden Gate Bridge when you visit California, but Nebraska may not be on your radar yet. You may have a series of famous places that you know about but don’t know where they are. There are also plenty of exciting attractions you don’t know and they are waiting to be discovered. A 50 States Bucket list can help you sort out where you need to go to see the Carlsbad Caverns, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful Geyser; also Dinosaur World, or Devil’s Den.

Historic Route 66 50 States Attractions and Landmarks

Road Trip Planning

You can plan several road trips, dividing the country up by regions, or you can plan a cross-country trip covering as many states along the way as possible. Historic Route 66 is a very popular choice. It’s a great first trip to get many different states under your belt and see some interesting sites. Wherever you go, and however you approach each of the 50 states, this printable landmarks and attractions guide will make sure you don’t miss out on the top draws for every state you visit. The comprehensive list includes state parks, state monuments, and historically relevant sites.

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Not one state is missing a set of must-see landmarks and attractions. If planning a road trip consider a coastal one, or a mountainous trek through Appelatia. Take the Oregon Trail or journey from the grand canyon to the Colorado Rockies. Whichever path you choose, this 50 states bucket list will help you target the best things to do in every state you pass through.

Planning a family road trip touring any of the 50 states will be easy with this printable of must see landmarks and attractions in the 50 states.

Visiting a State

You can also use this printout as a reference guide whenever you travel to a different State. Whether you visit for business or pleasure, the 50 states landmarks and attractions bucket list makes sure you don’t miss out on any of the can’t miss activities they offer wherever you go in the US. When visiting any state just reference this guide for what they have there. The attractions and landmarks are listed by city and state, so you can find out the locations of each and chart your own course. Your bucket list item may be to visit all of the states or one state in particular. It may also be that this printout provides you with a bucket list for each state you enter. Make it a challenge to go to all of the places listed for each state whenever you happen to be there.


50 States Bucket list

I enjoyed doing the research for this 50 States Bucket List. I had no idea there was so much controversy over which state has the world’s biggest twine ball! Wherever you go you are sure to find something you’ve always wanted to see or discover something you never expected. Wherever you go, be sure to send a postcard!

Planning a family road trip touring any of the 50 states will be easy with this printable of must see landmarks and attractions in the 50 states.