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Your favorite cat and mouse rivalry – Tom and Jerry – hits the big screen today! If you don’t know what I’m referring to you sure must have been under a rock because this cat and mouse duo have been getting into mischief chasing each other for at least 80 years. I along with my siblings enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry go at each other every Saturday morning. I’m excited to watch Tom & Jerry: The Movie with my daughter. While this isn’t their first big-screen debut – they were featured in the 1945 musical comedy Anchors Aweigh – this is their first feature film.

Whether you cheer for Tom (the cat) or Jerry (the cute mouse)  chances are that in the 80 years this duo has been entertaining audiences of all ages, you have a favorite. While Tom is my favorite, Jerry is my daughter’s.

What Can We Expect in the New Movie?

One thing fans can always look forward to is a good duel between the two when they come together.  In this new move, which takes place in one of New York City’s swanky hotels, the cat and mouse are set on each other once again. Why? Well, “the wedding of the century” is taking place and mice scurrying through the hotel just can’t happen. Tom is there to get rid of Jerry once and for all. Or is he?  Sometimes having a common enemy – a hotel staffer – can force foes to work together.

 Watch the Official Tom and Jerry: The Movie Trailer

Note: This film is rated PG for cartoon violence, rude humor, and brief language.

Fun and Mischievous Activities for Fans

To get into the mischievous spirit of our favorite cat and mouse pair, I’m sharing some fun activities for Tom & Jerry: The Movie in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max – February 26.

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