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Holiday gifting season is here, and you’re probably wondering just what to stuff your little girl’s stockings with this year. Well, we have you covered. From slime to VSCO Girl-approved items, I’ve curated a list of the best stocking stuffers for girls available on amazon. The best part is they’re affordable and you can use your Amazon Prime membership to get them shipped to you in a jiffy!

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From slime to VSCO Girl-approved items, I've curated a list of 15 of the best stocking stuffers for girls available on amazon, and they're affordable.

Galaxy Slime

If your daughter or niece is anything like my eight-year-old, she loves slime! Galaxy Slime will be a hit in your little girl’s stocking this Christmas. It’s colorful and out of this world cool!

Mermaid Style Slap Bracelets

VSCO girls will love to see these Mermaid Style Slap Bracelets in their stocking. These colorful slap bracelets will allow them one dozen ways to accessorize!

Created by Me! Flower Wooden Magnets Craft Kit

Crafty girls will love finding a paint-your-own magnet kit in their stockings! Plus, once they’re done, they make cute gifts, too!

Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy

Girls love a good squishy toy! Even as an adult I love them too. This scented squishy brings magical unicorn fun to any girls stocking this holiday!

Set of 2 Surprise Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Eggs

This two-pack of hatching eggs brings some magical fun to stockings!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack

Hatch some fun on Christmas Day with these little critters. Little girls can hatch over 80 new friends who shine bright when you place them on a light! In this set, discover 4 in egg Hatchimals and one out of egg Hatchimal. Girls will want to hatch them all!

GirlZone: Hair Chalk Set For Girls, 10 Piece Temporary Hair Chalks Color

Another item VSCO girls will love is the GirlZone Hair Chalk Set. Girls will love changing their hair color for a day with this hair chalk set!

Disney Princess Wallet

Have Disney lovers on your holiday shopping list? They will love seeing this Disney Princess Waller in their Christmas stocking this year. This hot pink trifold wallet is a great way for them to keep their cash in order.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Dog

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Dog is a great stocking stuffer for girls who love to color. Girls will love coloring, washing and doing it again with a fun little puppy pal!

Kangaroo’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman, (3-Pack)

The Kangaroo’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman stocking stuffers is a 3-pack contains everything needed to build three little snowmen minus the cold weather.

Basic Fun Cutetitos

Mystery bag toys are great stocking stuffers for girls. Little girls will love unrolling each Cutetitos to reveal a new soft pet and everything about it! The fun is finding out which of the 12  collectible styles they’ll get: puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos, and monkitos!

Fairy Land Cuties Lil Fairy Cuties 2 pack

Fairly Land Cuties Lil Fairy Cuties is another surprise pack girls will love to find in their Christmas stockings. These little packages feature three layers of surprises including cute little fairies! Girls will want to collect them all!

Num Noms Backpack Buddies

See a trend here? Mystery blind bags are it this holiday season, especially Num Noms. My eight-year-old loves them. Each blind bag contains one scented backpack buddy in one of four scents: cotton candy, blueberry, strawberry, and mint chocolate.

Kitty Cones Eraser Blind Box

If you have a little girl who is a fan of the Kitty Cone smartphone game, then you’ll want to make sure this is in their Christmas Stocking. The Kitty Cone Blind Box contains one kitty, one cone and 4 different toppings! There are hundreds of different eraser combinations that are possible by collecting the 8 different kitties, 2 unique cones and 15 different toppings!

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Barbie Doll

Is it sad that I actually want this for myself? Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 was a great movie! Barbie and Toy Story 4 fans just like me, will love to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie and imagine their own with this Toy Story 4 Barbie doll that looks just like the onscreen character.

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