Shhh, I have a secret to share: I have never made an Easter Basket for my daughter. Like ever! For some reason, this year, I decided it would be nice to make one for her. I’m not actually making it, my friend is making it, but I purchased the items. My friend came along with me to my local Five and Below to help me pick up a few things I thought should be put in an Easter Basket for an 8-year-old girl.

Easter basket 8 year old girl

Every Easter Basket for an 8-year-old Girl needs Something Sweet

Every Easter Basket should have something sweet. I found a statement chocolate candy that she likes – an egg-shaped Twix. I also purchased some Kinder Egg Surprises, as well as Snickers-filled and Skittles-filled eggs.

Every Easter Basket for an 8-year-old Girl needs Something Fun

Kinder Eggs are fun to open because kids never know what toy they will get inside. In addition to the egg, I purchased a few toys my daughter has asked for over the last month or so. One of which is the Five Surprise Mini Brands. I also got her Pikmi Pops that come in egg-shaped packaging. My friend forced me to get a slinky because she claims all kids like slinkies. I mean, she’s right, I did when I was a kid. I looked forward to watching them roll down the stairs. She will also have a cute pair of sequin bunny ears.

Every Easter Basket for an 8-year-old Girl needs Something to Read

We are huge on reading in our house because “Readers are leaders.” She’ll be excited to see Love Big by Kat Kronenberg in her Easter Basket. Love Big takes readers along on a journey with a group of quirky animals trying to survive on their struggling African savannah. The animals quickly learn – through trial and error – that they are more powerful together than apart and change their self-centered ways in order to save the home they love so much.

Love Big by Kat Kronenburg

Every Easter Basket for an 8-year-old Girl needs Something Practical

We instill in our daughter, the importance of saving. I picked up empty eggs to fill with money so that she can add it to her piggy bank. My eight-year-old daughter loves herself some lip balm. I mean, her coat pockets have at least one or two in them. I find myself sometimes asking her to borrow some when I run out or can’t find mine. I saw these really cute EOS lip balms in the shape of a chick. So adorable!

What are some items you like to put in your kid’s Easter Baskets?

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