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Chloe’s World of Play and I are back from a fun adventure on Pip’s Island. This adventure was different from our other travel adventures in that we didn’t have to leave the city. It took place right in the heart of Times Square. There, we joined Pip and friends Pebble and Fin on Expedition 12 to save the Island from the mean and villainous Joules Volter.

Pip's Island Adventure on Explorer 12

Pip’s Island was a fun and interactive play experience that allowed my daughter and eleven other adventurers to complete fun challenges with a focus on imagination, problem-solving and STEAM to help Pip and friends figure out how to defeat Joules Volter to save the island. Although the experience is an hour long, time flew by because the kids were having so much fun.

Pip's Island: The Lighthouse Rescue
Photo Credit: Pip’s Island

Chloe’s World of Play’s favorite part of the Pip’s Island adventure was, of course when the team defeated Joules Volter.  But, I enjoyed watching the kids navigate the ship, and watching some of the parents use their “elbow grease” to get Expedition 12 up and running. I don’t like to sweat so I didn’t take part ha-ha. We also enjoyed the different activities in each themed room that helped to unlock a different “spark”, which the kids would later learn would help them to complete their final challenge: defeating Joules Volter!

Pip's Island: The Lighthouse Rescue Adventure on Explorer 12

Joules Volter was somewhat of a scary character for some of the little ones in our crew, due to his ghastly and dark appearance. Aside from that, all of the other characters and rooms were fun and mystical. I especially loved the sea-themed room full of seashells, underwater creatures, and scented bubbles!

Pip's Island: The Lighthouse Rescue on Explorer 12
Photo: Pip’s Island

Age Group: Pip’s Island is great for kids aged 4-10, but I think that children seven and under would enjoy it a lot more. This is coming from my soon-to-be 8-year old daughter.

Ticket Cost: It’s $49 for adults and $39 for children to enjoy a Pip’s Island adventure.

Location: 400 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

Learn more here: https://pipsisland.com

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There is an island, in another dimension just a tree portal away. It’s a special place that was formed from the “inner child energy” that lives within each and every one of us. For generations, young explorers have visited this magical Island, where they learn to harness and grow their inner spark. But now, the Island is in trouble. It needs your help explorers!

Joules Volter and his army of moles are taking over the Island and upsetting the balance of energy. They are planning to kidnap Amperes Wattson and to take over his lighthouse.

Along the way, you will collect signature achievement badges, called “Sparks”, which parallel many elements from the STEAM curriculum. You will also learn about teamwork and the value of your individual contribution.

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