You’ve seen me mention here that date nights are extremely important in our marriage. My husband and I try getting at least one to two (sometimes more) date nights in a month. The most recent was a Broadway show. And not just any Broadway Show, we saw King Kong on Broadway!

To be honest, I did not know what to expect. I mean, how was Jack Thorne going to pull-off King Kong? King Kong was a classic action movie from the 1930s about a mythical monstrous ape. But could it be performed on a Broadway stage? I doubted it could happen, but I was proven wrong. It took 15 puppeteers to bring a 20 foot tall, 1.2-ton simian puppet to life, but my husband and I – heck, the entire audience, was left in awe when Kong made his grand entrance onto the stage.

“King Kong”
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Kong was huge, he was monstrous, he was scary. He was just as I had imagined he would be if I ever did come across him in real life. But that big scary monster did not put fear in the heart of Ann Darow (Christiani Pitts), a struggling actress from a farm, who moved to New York City to fulfill her dreams. Ann has been through everything, from living in Central Park to missing meals. Nothing scared her! Scratch that, something did scare her: failure.

Ann Darow (Christiani Pitts) & King Kong
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Ann was scared to return back from New York City to her hometown as a failure. So, instead, she took what seemed like an amazing opportunity with a scheming director, Carl Denham, for the opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity, Ann would later find out came at a cost. In the name of fame, Ann would lose herself and a trusted friend.

King Kong on Broadway
Ann and Carl on Skull Island
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

It was crazy how even though Kong was just a puppet, he was so realistic. We were able to see true emotion in his eyes. Even when Ann let him down after gaining his trust.

King Kong on Broadway Review
Kong is sad and depressed.
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Overall, seeing King Kong on Broadway made for a great date night out. We laughed, we were amazed, and we got to see the magic of 15 people bringing 1.2-ton gorilla puppet to life. How often can you say you can see that happen? Not too often.

Should You Take Kids to See King Kong on Broadway?

While watching King Kong on Broadway, my husband asked if I would consider coming back with our 7-year-old daughter. To be honest, I wouldn’t, and this is only because there are scenes where several simulated scenes containing violence, guns, and killing is shown. But, of course, as a parent, you can use your own discretion.

King Kong runtime: 2 hours with 1 intermission

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