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How many of you pride yourself in keeping your home clean? I do! When you have small children it is especially important to keep our home clean because kids seem to pick up every germ and any little thing can make them sick. I do my best to keep every surface in my home clean, but cleaning shouldn’t just stop at the surface. Make every breath more refreshing with the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™ air cleaning system. Less dust in the air means that you breathe better.

The Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™ air cleaning system continuously sucks dust and dirt out of the air in your home, making the air cleaner and keeping you and your family healthier. The science is pure: it sucks air in the bottom and it goes out the top, and the dust gets caught in the Swiffer bag.

After returning from an 8-day vacation, we saw a massive difference in the air quality of our home, an old two-family townhouse in Brooklyn where the floors creak and the doors sometimes get stuck. The air was not only cleaner, but there wasn’t any dust or anything on hard surfaces like the tables or T.V. Even after getting the house professionally cleaned we can sometimes return to dusty surfaces. But the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™ did not disappoint. After two weeks of having an air cleaning system in our home, which was situated in the living room and kitchen area, there was a noticeable amount of dust it collected. Imagine, prior to having this our kids were breathing in that stuff. Yuck!

Before and After Swiffer filters

In addition to helping to keep my family healthy by keeping the air clean, I love that the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™ is near silent! I hardly never notice that it is on. As a mom of two small kids, I prayed that this thing would be silent because the last thing I need is something else that made noise. Thankfully, what comes out is a faint whisper.

The look of the Swiffer air cleaning system pretty unique too! The color of the cover is neutral to complement any color scheme and has a nice clean, modern look to it as well! It matches the ongoing theme in my house. Hard to think an air purifier can look “stylish” but this one gets close.

After a month of using the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™, I am proud to say that it worked as advertised. I would like to get another one for the other rooms in my house. 

The Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaning System retails for $89.95 and is available on

Some caveats of the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™

  • It’s much larger than the pictures would have you expect
  • It’s mostly made of plastic (including the stand which is plastic painted to look a bit more “metallic”).
  • It doesn’t come assembled but, it snaps and zips – a smart child could do it.
  • There is no on/off switch; it runs continuously once plugged in.
  • If you have small children, be prepared to find any and everything inside and the filter to be out of place. The top doesn’t have a screen or barrier to prevent things from going inside

Things You Should Know About the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™

  • Removes dust from the air, so room surfaces stay cleaner, longer
  • Swiffer™ patented triple-layer filter will Trap & Lock™ dust, dirt, and allergens*
  • Continuously circulates air throughout the room for a fresher room
  • The Whisper-quiet operation is perfect for the living room, bedroom, office or nursery
  • Efficient DC motor uses only 3.3 watts of power, less than the average 4-watt nightlight light bulb
  • Available with a Tan metallic base and New Stone Gray cover for a sleek and contemporary design to compliment any room
  • Includes 2 filters + 2 more bonus filters; average filter life is 30 days of continuous use.

Choose the Swiffer Continuous Air cleaning system for a cleaner, happier, and healthier home.

For more information on the Swiffer™ Continuous Clean™ Air Cleaning System visit,

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