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My 7-year-old daughter loves Calico Critters. As a fashionista herself, she loves Stella Hopscotch Rabbit, the fabulous dress designer of Calico Village. When the invite came for us to have tea at Lady Mendls’ Tea Salon in New York City and meet the fashionable Stella in person, she was beyond excited.

Meet Stella Calico Critters

Our time during Stella’s Exclusive Town Tea was spent playing with the Calico Critters new Town Collection, playing dress-up inside of Stella’s Designer Studio, enjoying the fondue at the Chocolate Lounge and the various flavors of gelato at the Gelato stand similar to those found in Calico Village.

During Stella’s Exclusive Town Tea at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon, there was an exciting announcement! There will be a Calico Critters animated series airing on Netflix, and we got to preview it! Don’t worry, on November 1st Netflix subscribers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Japan will be able to view the serious. Other countries in Europe and Asia will be able to watch in their respective languages beginning December 1, 2018.

The Calico Critters Netflix Series Includes:

  • Calico Critters Mini Episodes: This 12-episode series (each about 3 minutes long) focuses on Bell Hopscotch Rabbit’s life in Calico Village and her sister Stella Hopscotch Rabbit who lives in Calico Town.
  • The Treasure of Calico Village Mini Movie: This 22-minute long mini-movie is a touching story about the treasure Bell Hopscotch Rabbit finds in Calico Village.
  • A Town of Dreams Mini Movie: This 11-minute long story reveals how Stella Hopscotch Rabbit is living out her dreams in Calico Town.

Calico Critters New Collection

Calico Critters, which was first introduced in 1985 features beautiful, richly detailed animal figures that live like humans with a focus on “Nature, Family, and Love.” The new collection features more elegant, sophisticated styling and a focus on the lives of more grown-up characters like Stella, Lulu, and Laura – the older sisters to the original Calico Village characters who now have fun jobs like a fashion designer, that children, age 6+ can dream of having when they grow up.

Calico Critters Town

Located on the west side of the treasured Calico Village, each beloved character can take the Tram to the center of Town and visit the richly detailed Grand Department Store and Stella’s special Designer Studio, where she lives.  Shopping is at its finest in the Town Series, offering various ways for children to collect and connect each detailed set; enabling them to create their own town from their own imagination.

Grand Department Store Gift Set

The centerpiece of the Town is the Grand Department Store, the most iconic building in the new series, which also introduces Stella.

Cost: $129.95 ($99.00 on

Town Girl Series

The Town Girl series of characters features Stella Hopscotch Rabbit, Laura Toy Poodle, and Lulu Silk Cat.

Cost: $12.95

Ride along Tram 

All aboard the town tram! There’s much to see! Children can send their favorite characters riding through town in this elegant tram car. The tram can be outfitted for one level or convert into a double-decker.

Cost: $39.95 on

Calico Critters Ride Along Tram

Designer Studio

Stella Hopscotch Rabbit makes her home in the stylish Designer Studio featuring a luxurious sofa, tiny table and tea set.  This play set comes complete with a specially-outfitted Stella character.

Cost: $39.95 on

Calico Critters Town and figures are now available at specialty stores nationwide and online at

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