August is literally just a day away, which means back to school season is right around the corner.  I cannot believe how quickly the summer went. Can you? In just 36 days we will have a 1st grader. Mentally, we are not ready, but thanks to the #Momtrendsschool back to school event, we are well-prepared to tackle our back to school shopping list for this school year.

The #Momtrendsschool back to school event featured the latest trends in fashion, snacks, supplies, and gear that our kids will need to have a healthy and productive school year.

Moving up to a new grade with a new teacher to a new classroom can be scary for any child. Our daughter has already expressed that she is nervous and will miss her Kindergarten class and teacher. We have reassured her that moving up is a good thing; it shows progress. To get her even more excited about starting school in a new grade, we let her know that she can ditch her “baby” school gear for something suitable for “big girls”. She was excited.

While at the #Momtrendsschool back to school event I was able to customize one of the Twelve Little Courage Lunch Bags in Pink with cute iron-on patches in the shapes of my Mini Me’s favorite things: donuts, ice cream, and pretzels. This insulated lunch bag will be great for keeping her lunch cool (or warm).

I was impressed by Staple’s selection of backpacks. I particularly fell in love with this leather bag, which would be suitable for a high school or college student.

My daughter loves her bright and fun flamingo backpack.  There are even flamingo folders and notebooks to match.

Getting kids out of the door with a wholesome breakfast can, at times be a task. Trust me, in the mornings my husband and I choose our battles.  I love that Ozery Bakery has delicious fruit and grain Morning Rounds that the kids will be sure to love. The Cranberry-Orange Morning Rounds taste so good warmed up with a cup of coffee, but can even be drizzled with a little honey or jam for the kids. They’re also available in smaller snack sizes to pack in the kid’s lunchboxes.

If you have a picky eater like we do, then it is probably hard trying to figure out tasty, but healthy snacks for your little ones. At the #Momtrendsschool back to school event I was introduced to Raisels.  My daughter, unfortunately, is just like how I was when I was her age – a candy lover. I was happy to come across Raisels, a healthy alternative to kid’s favorite sour candies. These golden raisin snacks come in three sour flavors: Watermelon Shock, Lemon Blast, and Orange Burst. They’re 100% fruit and are packed with vitamin c. My Mini Me loved them and so did my 3-year-old nephew. It is a no-brainer that these will be in their lunch bags in September.

We spend all of this money on supplies and clothes, but somehow the kids tend to lose something, right? While at the #Momtrendsschool back to school event we were introduced to Name Bubbles.  This is a company that produces cute, customizable labels that are available in fun shapes and colors. If it just so happens that your kid loses something, at least their name is on it so it can be returned.

A new school year is not complete without new clothes. European brand, Orchestra kids was in attendance showing off their line of children’s clothing. They had a cape and African print jumpsuit that I would love to have for my daughter. During the event, we even got to see a few of my fellow mom blogger’s children work the runway showing off Orchestra kids fashion.

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After a long week of school and work, we like to end our weeknights with a fun family game night. This would not be complete without some Hasbro games like MouseTrap, Downspin, Sculpt It, and Perfection. My daughter could not wait to play all of these games when I brought them home. So much for waiting to play for the first week of school.

Speaking of a long week of school and work, us moms need to de-stress after the first week of school, too, right? Bath and Body Works has everything we need to wind down and relax after a busy week like candles, scrubs, and oils. I am loving the Cocoshea Coconut Body Buff and Lightweight Body Oil. Unfortunately, so does my daughter. Why can’t us moms have anything to ourselves?

Even though I am not yet ready for school to begin, I mean we haven’t even gone on our summer vacation yet, I am ready to tackle my daughter’s 1st grade back to school shopping list. After reading this, so should you!

A huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to Momtrends for putting together yet another awesome event. Thank you to Staples for the school supply-packed Flamingo backpack. My Mini Me can’t wait to start school just so she can use it.

Are You Ready for your kids to go Back to School?

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  • I feel like I blinked and August arrived. I am making the transition from working in a public school to moving to a non-profit but my calendar still operates on the academic year. Best of luck to your daughter!

  • I can’t wait for my kids to start school ! One is starting high school other is starting preschool!!! Can’t wait to buy them the cute backbacks and folders ! Especially my big ones

  • Eva

    My kids will start school right after labor day. I’m not ready, but I am getting ready! I’ll have two middle schoolers and we are really excited for the new challenges that we get to overcome this year!

  • KoKoa Magazine

    My kids started school last Friday. I was ready. They were not. LOL. My kids wear uniform but my girl loves to dress up so on the weekends, she is all in. We shop for her weekends.

  • philisha mack

    super cute. I love the lunch bag.

  • I love the DIY lunch bag. We haven’t gotten ready for school yet. We need too, we have an 8th grader and a Kindergartner. They both wear uniforms so we don’t get to do the fun clothes shopping. We only back backpacks.

  • ShaBree Henry

    I can’t believe it’s back to school time already! The summer is flying by us! Having a new teacher is always a little scary for the kids but I’m sure with a mom like you she’ll work through the transition just fine. This looked like a fun event. The custom lunch packs are so cute and fun! Wishing the little cutie a great year!

  • We went to Open house yesterday and I’m not ready! It’s a new school AND new teachers! But I love the idea of customizing lunch bags for the kids!!

  • mindy82

    Kids are looking forward to going back to school, guess I am too since I am a stay at home mom and going a little crazy over here!!

  • Arlene Soriano

    What a cute event. Love the idea of customizing lunch bags for the kids. I remember being nervous on the 1st day especially when it was transitional like 1st grade – new teachers, kids…ahhh

  • I didn’t even realize it was almost back to school time until I read your post. My son is homeschooled that’s why.
    But I loved back to school time as a kid. New backpack and new books and new anything. That was amazing.
    And love the kids clothes. Very stylish!

  • Jeuelle Ottley Sam

    I would love to attend an event like this! We homeschool but my girls attend a private school once a week and we have the same “back to school” prep and woes 🙂 I’m definitely going to check out the Morning Rounds!

  • Sheena Steward

    That event sounded very informative. I need that leather backpack and I won’t be in anybody’s school this year lol. It was too cute. I love the name bubbles and how you were able to make customized pieces to put on the backpack. My husband and I don’t have kids so we don weekly date nights so I love that you guys do the family weeknight games.

    • Isn’t that leather backpack nice! I was so drawn to it. Just like you, I wanted it for myself.

  • Melissa Velazquez

    I’m so sad I missed this event. Looks like tons of fun. I love the Orchestra dress! I can’t believe I’m getting ready for JustaBXgirl’s first day of school.

    • The event was fun. Orchestra had some really cute clothes including that dress. I can’t wait to see her first day of school pics. Are you making her a sign or anything?

      • Melissa Velazquez

        I am! Going to try making one but ordered a backup from Oriental Trading in Case mine doesn’t work out! lol