I am currently in the process of finding a new SUV to replace my current 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LT. Finding the perfect family vehicle is not easy, especially when there are so many things to look for like safety features and price points. It does not help that there are so many car brands out there, too. As you can imagine, with all of these variables it is pretty hard to make a decision. There is one place that car buyers just like me can use as a resource that can make shopping for a new family car easy: Cars.com.

Next to a home, purchasing a car is probably one of the largest purchases you will ever make; therefore, it is important you are making the right decision on the car you are choosing. Using Cars.com while in the process of shopping for your new or new-to-you family vehicle allows you to become an informed car buyer, which car dealers dislike. We have all heard horror stories about car dealerships taking advantage of a car buyer because they did not know anything about the car buying process, and you do not want to be one of them. Using Cars.com to research will allow you to visit a dealer and walk out with the perfect family car you want at the price you want.

Listed below are things you should do while shopping for a new family car that can be done on Cars.com.

Research and compare vehicles

When purchasing a car, it is important to research the vehicle.  Not all vehicles are made equal. Some warranties are better, some parts can cost more, some have better safety features. Find local car dealers/sellers and see who has the best deal for the car or SUV you want to purchase

Calculate loan or lease payments

You never want to spend over your budget. The cars.com website allows you to calculate your loan payments before deciding to purchase the vehicle. This way you know ahead of time if you are about to buy more car than you can afford.

Research your current car’s trade-in value.

On Cars.com you can find how much your car is worth, trade it in or even sell it. Knowing what it is worth before trading it in gives you the upper hand when shopping for a new family car at a dealership.

Shopping for a new family car does not have to be hard, especially if you do your research, have a set budget. Visit cars.com before shopping, and walk into the dealer knowing what you are talking about. Now that I am an educated car buyer, I cannot wait to use what I have learned to purchase my new SUV. Stay tuned to see what our new family car will be.

How do you prepare when shopping for a new family car?


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