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Sometimes being a busy mom during the summer is the worst, especially if you’re living in a climate where the heat and humidity are a little disrespectful. The heat doesn’t care that you’ve just showered; you will be drenched in sweat once you walk outside to complete your errands for the day. It may sound hard staying fresh throughout a hot summer day, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these tips, and you’ll be fresher than a pillow with a mint on it. See, that was corny. Forget I even wrote that.

Stay Fresh this Summer with Always Sheer Dailies

Take a shower

This first tip may seem obvious, but living in New York City, I’m not sure if some people even know this. Please start your day with a nice, long, shower with your favorite shower gel.

Put away the heavy moisturizer

Moisturizing is important regardless of the season.  I moisturize after every bath or shower because I hate dry skin, and the moisturizers I use for my body are usually scented, which is perfect for layering my favorite perfume over. Just make sure your moisturizer isn’t heavy, and is water-based. You don’t need anything that will contribute to more sweat.

Wear deodorant

Whether you’re a naturalista and use natural methods to keep underarm odor at bay, or use regular deodorant; use something! Be sure to keep the deodorant handy to freshen up throughout the day if needed, but make sure you use a wipe to freshen up first before adding more deodorant.

Wear a light perfume or body spray

What I find most refreshing during the summer months is a cooled body spray and/or perfume that have been chilling in my refrigerator. It feels so good going on after a nice shower. Ahh I can just feel it now. I also walk around with a small vial of my favorite perfume to spritz on throughout the day when needed.

Trim or remove body hair

I am pro-hair removal. I wax myself or visit my favorite aesthetician to get rid of unwanted hair. We’re adults right, so I can talk about pubic hair? Well, sweat and dirt can get trapped in there, which can make certain areas become a stink pit, especially in the summer. Think about getting rid of or trimming that hair in the manner that works for you.

Carry Always Sheer Dailies Liners

After putting on my undies after my morning shower, I put on one of the lightest, and most comfortable panty liners I’ve used, Always Sheer Dailies Regular Liners.

Stay Fresh this Summer with Always Sheer Dailies

These liners are thin and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day, and are designed to feel like fresh underwear, whisking away moisture keeping you fresh all day. They have a soft-top, sheer, and flexible core that makes it a great feminine hygiene product for busy moms like myself. The convenient and discreet purse packs make it easy to take liners with you anywhere. In fact, I have a pack in my purse right now.

Always sheer dailies are super thin

For a comfortable, fresh feeling every day of the month, make Always Sheer Dailies Regular Liners part of your morning routine.

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