The most recent round of Clomid (150 mg/5 days) did not produce as many follicles as the last time, but I did get two large follicles – one on each side. Since we didn’t have as many as last cycle, my RE scheduled us for an IUI.

I apologize for the oil stains

During our meeting with the RE, she gave us some confusing instructions (see the sticky note).  The follicle scan that morning showed that I could ovulate any day now, so I had to choose between waiting to ovulate on my own or give myself an HCG trigger shot (Pregnyl).  If my blood test from the day showed I was surging (LH surge), we would have to go in for the IUI the following day, which would have been a Saturday morning. If I didn’t have a surge Saturday (CD14), I would have to give myself an HCG trigger shot in the evening, and then go in for the IUI early that Monday morning.  I tested using the ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test that Friday, and Saturday.  The test showed I surged on my own that Saturday so we had to go in early on a Sunday morning to the Long Island office (ugh).  Thank God I did surge on my own because I didn’t have the balls to give myself the shot anyway, and my husband hates needles.  I asked my sister to do it, but IDK if I trust her to do it swiftly & with little pain :lol:.

Before I knew what was in this brown paper bags, I’ve always wondered what those people were walking away with.  I mean the people in the doctor’s office called it a goody bag, so something good must be inside, right?.  The bag is given to couples doing IUI’s.  All that’s in it is a specimen cup and authorization form.  .:Womp Womp:.

IUI’s are a pain in the butt because you have to produce the specimen, and get it to the lab within one hour of production, and it’s EARLY!  Luckily, the Long Island office has, what I’m going to call a “fun room”, for the men to produce their specimens onsite.  The room was bland.  It had a small T.V., DVD player, adult magazines, a mirror, sink, and tissues.  Oh, and let’s not forget the for “Medical Emergencies ONLY” bell that made both my husband and me laugh out loud.  We also wondered whether or not there were people who got turned on by looking at themselves?  We couldn’t figure out why there’s a mirror in the room.

This time, after not abstaining (we don’t listen), my husband had a sperm count of 10 million.  The RE likes to see anywhere between 5 & 10 million, so he just made it. IUI’s are quick, and like I said before, it’s the same discomfort level as a pap smear. I did have a tiny bit of spotting afterward, and a little bit of cramping, which I am not sure was due to the IUI or ovulation.  Other than that I am doing well.  Now we just wait to see if it worked.

Pineapple Core & Implantation
I’ve read that pineapple core helps with implantation.  Well, the bromelian supposedly helps. You cut one pineapple core into 5 pieces, and eat it over 5 days.  For IUI cycles, you’re supposed to start taking it the day of your IUI and stop on the 5th day.  I made a smoothie with my core.  We’ll see if it works. Plus, I’m taking my prenatal vitamins, DHA, and Vitamin D.

If I don’t get pregnant this time then…
My RE stated that if this doesn’t work, the next step is a higher dosage of Clomid, and maybe a small amount of injectable gonadotropins (Follistim or GonalF).  Since the combination of the Clomid and injectables may lead to at least 12 follicles, my RE said she wants to “…create a back door…” she said because “Going from no baby to getting pregnant with three is NOT funny!” So now I have to go to an IVF seminar, in the evening at their Long Island office .:womp womp:.  From what I read, the seminar is very technical.  Luckily, I know some medical terminology, so hopefully I will not be lost.

Good news!
My progesterone has been a concern for me, especially since it was an issue when I was pregnant with mini me, but, this time around it’s been over 40 each time they’ve checked it.  I have no idea why my progesterone levels have improved, but I hope they stay that way.

Another good thing my RE shared with us, is that I have a great ovarian reserve, which means I have a good amount of eggs for my age.

Did you know? The number of eggs at a girl’s first menstrual cycle is 300,000 to 400,000. By age 30, we’re down to between 39,000 to 52,000, which is about 13% of the eggs we had at puberty. By age 40, we have only 3% of our initial cache of eggs — about 9,000 to 12,000 eggs — and many of these eggs will not be viable.

Support often comes from those you least expect it to.  About a week ago I received this message on Facebook from someone I know.  It meant a lot.  There are people in my family who read my blogs and never say one supportive or caring thing regarding this situation.

While we wait, check out “The ‘Big Lie’ in putting off pregnancy: on

Wish us luck!