What to buy while in morocco

Moroccan Shopping Guide: What to Buy When in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country famous for its artisanal goods like rugs and pottery, it is hard to go there and not bring something back. This Moroccan Shopping Guide will make your visits to the many Moroccan souks a breeze, as we list must-buy items when in Morocco. Moroccan Argan Oil The reason behind the […] Read more…

Lina Ryad & Spa Chefchaouen Morocco

Hotel Review: Lina Ryad & Spa in Chefchaouen, Morocco

We finally made it to the “Blue City”, Chefchaouen. This is the place you have seen all over your social feeds – the city where everything is painted in varying shades of blue. According to our six-year-old, it almost kind of looks like smurf village. I must admit that being there for three days and […] Read more…

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