No-Spend Challenge Printable Tracker

No Spend Challenge Tracker and Printable Activities List

If the new year doesn’t get you focused on getting your financial story back on track, then the looming prospect of tax season will. Those who are expecting refunds are filing with glee, while the rest of us are dreading how much more we owe Uncle Sam come April. If you’re pinching pennies to free […] Read more…

Triple Paste makes treating diaper rash is easy. Following these tips and using a diaper rash cream can help treat & prevent diaper rash.

4 Tips to Help Treat Diaper Rash and Prevent Future Outbreaks

I know I’ve said this before, and I must sound like a broken record, but it’s important to reinforce the sensitivity of our baby’s skin. I know we love when babies smell amazing, but using scented products – diapers, wipes, lotions, detergents – can affect their sensitive skin. Among the effects is diaper rash. Although […] Read more…

Make your next family road trip an educational one by visiting these notable sites in the New York Tri-state area dedicated to Black History.

Road Trip Ideas: Places to Visit to Experience Black History

Although the spotlight on Black history is during one month, this list of places to visit to experience the amazing contributions Black people have made to America is something families can do throughout the year. The history of Blacks in America is massive – from art to music to medicine, and more. And it shouldn’t […] Read more…

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