Experience the thrill of chasing dreams on and off the track in the Gran Turismo movie. An inspiring story of passion, action, and triumph.

Gran Turismo Movie: Fueling Dreams On and Off the Screen

My husband and two daughters were thrilled to attend an exclusive advance screening of “Gran Turismo” at the prestigious SONY Screening Room in New York City. Little did they know that they were about to embark on a cinematic journey that would combine heart-pounding action with an inspiring narrative. A Tale of Dreamers and Believers […] Read more…

58th anniversary of the Ford Bronco. Ford Bronco's lined up in the shape of the number 58

Happy 58th Birthday! Introducing the 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor

Celebrating the 58th anniversary of the Ford Bronco! It’s a legendary SUV that has captured hearts and carved its path through diverse terrains. This is, indeed, a remarkable milestone. As we commemorate this iconic journey, we find ourselves at the crossroads of history and innovation. With the recent adventure I embarked upon in the 2022 […] Read more…

Experience the triumphant return of the 2023 Toyota Crown, redefining luxury and innovation in the large sedan segment. #Letsgoplaces #ToyotaPartner

The 2023 Toyota Crown Returns to Rule the Large Sedan Sector

The automotive world is in a perpetual state of evolution, with SUVs dominating the market. Amid this landscape, the 2023 Toyota Crown emerges like a phoenix from the ashes, making a triumphant return after nearly half a century of absence. Once a familiar sight on American roads from 1958 through 1972, the Crown is back […] Read more…

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