Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially as a mom. Mompreneurs like me run their businesses while also acting as full-time parents and even working full-time jobs. With a busy schedule and a family, how does a mom entrepreneur ensure her business is successful? The best person to answer that would be world-renowned inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano. She’s someone I would describe as the ultimate mompreneur – single-handedly selling over $3 billion worth of products.

Joy Mangano is not only a mom but a mom who turned her passion for creating things into successful multi-million dollar businesses. You may know her for her self-wringing Miracle Mop. Now, she is spreading the proverbial wealth through her new one-of-a-kind show: “America’s Big Deal“. In this shoppable live show, she helps entrepreneurs win the chance to strike a life-changing deal with one of the show’s retail giants: QVC and HSN, Lowe’s, and Macy’s. Recently, I along with a few other mom bloggers had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her success as a mom entrepreneur. Through this roundtable, Joy shared success tips for aspiring mompreneurs. Since I am a firm believer that being successful means learning from those who have already achieved their goals, I am sharing what I learned with you.

5 Tips from Joy Mangano for Aspiring Mompreneurs to Succeed

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1. Start

As someone who tends to get in my own head whenever I have to start a new project, it was important for me to share this gem of advice from Joy. “If you don’t start or if you stop, you have a 100% chance of failing. But if you keep going your odds at least are better.” Mom’s lives are crazy. It’s really easy to have an amazing idea and let all the madness of motherhood get in the way. Even if you have to start small, those small steps can turn into something bigger with consistency.

If you’re having negative thoughts about a product or service your business is offering, don’t let that stop you. Joy Mangano also had negative thoughts, especially when it came to the Miracle Mop, “Nobody is going to buy this mop. Why am I doing this?” But because inventing things was her passion, she just took the leap that has propelled her into a path of success. Take Joy’s advice, “If it’s a passion of yours start!”

2. Tap into Your Creativity

As a mom, I know that we are the most innovative and creative beings on earth. Don’t debate me on this! It’s no surprise that during the pandemic, mom entrepreneurship increased. Moms, including those in my circle, were turning their passions into businesses to gain more control of their lives, to improve work-life balance, and just be happier. 

As it relates to “America’s Big Deal”, Joy stated that “An amazing amount of moms apply to be on “America’s Big Deal” with amazing products and have won. They got there because they started. They tapped into their creativity and continued to do what they loved.”

3. Aspire to Do What You Want to Do

Writing, helping people, and doing makeup have been passions of mine. Those are the things that I find the most joy in and I am good at it. Because of this, I started my blog, became a makeup artist, and sought out opportunities that allow me to focus on my passions. Through my conversation with Joy, I learned that doing what you love is one of the major keys to success. “Whatever you love to do, do it. No matter what, live the passion that you have. If you can, you can do what you love with the people you love,” says Joy Mangano. She attributes her success to following her passion and being able to include her family.

4. You Don’t Have to Do It All

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I like to do everything myself. Is it healthy? No! Sometimes trying to do it all is harmful to the success of your business as well as your home life. In this instance, Joy advises to “Take it in slower steps.” Sometimes moms feel like they have to put on the superhero cape, but it’s important for your business, your family, and your own sanity to source out things if you can and ask for help. Or even slow down. 

I agree with Joy Mangano when she stated that, “You have to choose for your own well-being and your family’s well-being. Have a pulse on your family. If children see you’re happy doing what you’re doing, they’ll be happy for you.” It’s true! Because my 10-year-old daughter has watched me with my businesses, she was inspired to start her own.

5. Have a Great Product

A successful business has a quality item or service that will improve someone’s quality of life. Joy Mangano’s Miracle Mop is a product that made people think, “Boy, I don’t need to use any other mop.” Any product that you plan on centering your business around should invoke that type of response. You want to solve a problem. Many of the products pitched on “America’s Big Deal are products that aim to make family’s lives easier. For example, some of Joy’s favorite products that were pitched on “America’s Big Deal” are things that made her life easier.

  • TrapDoor Colander
  • Tip Tough Finger Guard
  • Black mom-invented the Cloud9 Memory Foam Seat
  • The Wanderr 5-in-1 Transforming Outdoor Cart was invented by two women
  • Elite Sweets Elite Donut – protein-packed donut

If you have a great product or idea, remember, all you have to do is START – and for inspiration and encouragement, be sure to tune in to the “America’s Big Deal” finale on Thursday, Dec. 16 live at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on USA Network.

About “America’s Big Deal”

Joy Mangano is the executive producer of “America’s Big Deal”. This primetime competition show for American-based entrepreneurs allows them to sell their ready-to-ship products on-air to home viewers in real-time through One Platform Commerce @ NBCU. Each week entrepreneurs will take the stage for a bold and innovative product pitch. The person with the highest dollar sales at the end of the show will win the chance to strike a life-changing deal with one of the show’s retail giants.

America’s Big Deal is hosted by Emmy Award-nominated “Access Hollywood” journalist Scott Evans. It airs live on Thursday evenings at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CT on USA Network. The series’ executive producers are DIGA Studios’ Tony DiSanto, Nick Rigg, Shawn Strickland, and showrunner Alison Holloway.

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