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Recently, my husband and I took a quick road trip for the weekend because my husband had an event to attend for work. We literally stayed one night at Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City before heading back to New York. But, it was enough time for me to get in some rest and relaxation and enjoy good food while he took care of business. Oh, and yeah we did get in some quality time.

Couples Weekend Getaway Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

Our Room at Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic city describes itself as a luxury ocean view hotel. We stayed in one of the newly renovated Deluxe King rooms in the Ocean Tower. The room provided us a little view of the infamous Atlantic City Boardwalk. I like how the coral and tan decor are reminiscent of the sand, beach, and sun.

The room was clean, the bed was comfy. The shower ran hot and drained properly. I hate when I am at a hotel and the water begins to pool in the shower because the drain is slow. If we had stayed longer, I am sure we would have taken advantage of the large closet space and room service. But, one night was all we had. We didn’t even go to the casino.

My only “complaint” would be the smoking. Although we were in a non-smoking area of the hotel, there were times we could smell smoke in our room, but mostly in the bathroom through the vent.  That is probably my only thing about visiting and staying at casino resorts: the smoking! Even though there are non-smoking areas, smoke travels and you still smell it somehow.

I Went to the Spaaahh!

Almost immediately after settling into our room, my husband told me he had set up something for me to do while he was at his work event. Although not at Resorts Casino, my husband surprised me with a spa treatment at the Water Club Immersion Spa. And it was awesome!

I had the Deep Sea Renewal Spa Treatment, which includes a scrub and massage. My skin felt extra smooth afterward, and I just wanted my bed. But, I was also hungry so we had a problem there. So, I headed back to Resorts Casino Hotel, to find a place to dine alone, or so I thought.

Where We Ate at Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

After my amazing Deep See Renewal Spa Treatment, my husband checked in with me to see how everything went. After letting him know that it was nothing short of amazing, I let him know that now I am hungry. And then, the hardest question anyone could ever ask was asked, “What do you want to eat?” Ugh, I never know because most of the time I want a bit of everything. Plus, since I gave up meat, deciding on food is even harder. But, after throwing around a few options with him, I settled on Gallagher’s Burger Bar which is located inside of the Resorts Casino Hotel.

Gallagher’s Burger Bar was great because it was casual dining, it had all of the things I was looking for like oysters and other seafood, you are able to order items from the fancier Gallagher’s Steakhouse, and it wouldn’t look weird if I were dining alone because it is a bar. Fortunately, I wasn’t because my husband ended up meeting me.

From Gallagher’s Burger Bar I got a 1/2 dozen of oysters (I LOVE oysters) and a crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries. The oysters were great and had the perfect combination of sweet and briny like I like them  The crab cake sandwich was the bomb. It was all crab; no fillers. Believe it or not, people mess up sweet potato fries, but the ones I had were good. They were crispy and sweet; just perfect! My husband ordered a steak but returned it because it was cooked to medium well, instead of medium.

Resorts Casino Hotel Gallaghers Burger Bar Crab SandwichResorts Casino Hotel Gallaghers Burger Bar Steak


To drink, I had one of their specialty cocktails, the name I can’t remember right now because it really was not that memorable. Overall, the meal itself was good.

Overall Thoughts on Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

This was my second time my husband and I spent in Atlantic City. Resorts Casino Hotel exceeded my expectations, especially for a 3-Star hotel. If you are looking for a quick getaway to Atlantic City where the halls and rooms are quiet, the rooms are clean, and good food is just an elevator ride away, check out the Resorts Casino Hotel.

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City at Night

Resorts Casino Hotel
1133 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401