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Even though it has been almost seven years since having my daughter, I can still hear my OB/GYN telling me “Didn’t I tell you to stop trying to be cute and get some full panties that have support?” Because pregnancy can do a number on your body and she wanted to ensure that I did everything I could to get it back to “normal” as possible. And of course, for the sake of that good ole snapback. After her lecture, I had my husband go out to pick up postnatal shapewear so that I could comply with my doctor’s orders.

Postnatal shapewear snapback

Listen, to this day I am happy I listened to my doctor about getting postnatal shapewear for many reasons including helping me feel more confident and comfortable with my body, especially in the bedroom. Postnatal shapewear like girdles or belly wraps offered by brands like UpSpring are also helpful with getting you active again after giving birth, especially if you’ve suffered from back pain or have had a C-section.

UpSpring has developed a line of latex-free postnatal products that include postnatal shapewear to help women get back to feeling their best after the baby arrives.

They hug, hold, and help heal your body, so you can bounce back faster and savor every special moment with your baby.

Their line of postnatal recovery products include clinically researched therapeutic panties, hip and belly wraps that are designed to help moms who have given birth vaginally or via C-section recover, lose weight and inches faster.

UpSpring Charcoal Fusion Belly Slimming High Waist Panty

Charcoal is in everything these days from skincare to shampoo to even toothpaste. UpSring went ahead and developed a panty that uses the unique therapeutic properties of charcoal that help to increase blood flow, which can then increase circulation and metabolism to help you lose inches faster after giving birth. The panty also aids in the reduction of swelling, inflammation and bloating which can occur after having a baby. I wish I had the UpSpring’s Charcoal Fusion High Waist Panty when I had my daughter. 

UpSpring Charcoal Fusion Slimming High Waist Panty

UpSpring C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

In addition to products for moms who have given birth vaginally, UpSpring also has postnatal products for moms who have had a C-Section. The C-Panty for C-Section Recovery is touted as the “Only All-In-One Solution C-section Recovery.” The C-Panty is perfect for moms needing to recover from a C-section, proving a clinically determined safe level of compression to speed up recovery time so that you are able to your new baby, and get back to being you.

UpSpring understands that moms that have just gone through a C-section need a comfortable, convenient option that will both support weakened abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy and not irritate the C-section incision area. The C-Panty for C-Section Recovery features a medical-grade silicone panel that minimizes scarring, helps reduce itchiness, and helps minimize the possible chance of infection around the delicate incision area. The silicone is integrated into the panty, eliminating the need for scar gel or scar gel pads.

UpSpring C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

UpSpring postnatal shapewear and recovery products are machine washable, latex-free and OB/GYN recommended. At a range of $24-$39 for one pair of underwear that will help you recover faster so that you can take care of your new bundle of joy, the Charcoal Fusion High Waist Panty and C-Panty are great items to add to your registry or give as a gift to a mom-to-be.  Learn more about UpSpring and the products they offer here: http://www.upspringbaby.com/

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