This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Goldfish Swim School- Garden City. All opinions are my own and are honest.


Our daughter started her first swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School – Garden City.  Even though she has some swimming experience we feel that it is important for her to learn to be safe and aware while in the water, especially since we travel often and spend a lot of time around pools and on the beach.

I am a Virgo, which means I love organization. Goldfish Swim School has their process mapped out ‘to a T’. Prior to attending our daughter’s class, we received an email that contained information on her teacher and the swim lane to report to for the class. Checking-in for the class is made easy as well. We just scan a key card at the front desk, and then, her class swim lane and teacher pop up on the screen with a confirmation that she was checked-in successfully. It is as easy as pie!

First impressions are lasting impressions, right? The warm welcome received upon entering Goldfish Swim School was just as impressive as the bright and open swim facility filled with tropical décor in fun and playful colors. Have you gone to a swim school where the parents did not have to sit inside of the pool area?  We have not either. At Goldfish Swim School – Garden City parents are able to sit in a viewing area separated by glass that provides them with a panoramic view of the swimming pool.  We were able to get a seat right in front of our daughter’s swim lane for her class.

We like that the Goldfish Swim School’s swimming pool area is kept warm and the pool is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  One of my biggest gripes about other swim schools we’ve tried was that the pool was not kept warm, which made it cold and uncomfortable for kids and babies, especially during the winter time.

Goldfish Swim School – Garden City offers three types of swimming lessons: Weekly, twice per week, and drop-in lessons. Our daughter is taking the 30-minute ‘Glider 1’ weekly class.  We love that her class size is small; there are only three kids in the class. The class size, however, will never go above four children, which means she will get more hands-on training and attention from the swim teacher than she did at her other swim school. My husband stated that within the 30-minutes our daughter was in the pool, she’s done more laps than she has ever done during a swim lesson at another school.

At the end of her swimming lesson, our daughter received a progress report that indicated the things with which she is doing well, the techniques that still need a bit of work for her to progress onto the next level, which is ‘Glider 2’. In order for her to move on from ‘Glider 1’, she has to perfect being able to independently roll over. She is close, but still, has some work to do. Overall, she is doing well and she looks forward to waking up early on Saturday mornings to attend her swimming lessons.

We cannot wait to see how our daughter progresses over the next few weeks and months. You are welcome to follow along on social media to see how she is doing for yourself.  Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook. In the meantime, you can learn more about Goldfish Swim School – Garden City and how to enroll your kids on their website

Goldfish Swim School
650 Stewart Ave, Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: (516) 267-5120
This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Goldfish Swim School. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  • I was hoping to be able to take my now 7 year old son here this summer, but I ended up having to work on Fridays. I’ve heard good things about Goldfish Swim School and since my son has special needs, I think this may just be the place for him.

  • Danielle Wilson

    We had just signed up for FREE city parks classes and I didn’t like that we were so far away and couldn’t really watch the classes, the pool temperature being so cold was definitely a distraction for our 6 year old. This sounds like a great school and I’m all for facilities that are organized. I’m sure she’ll be a Glider 2 in no time.

  • So cool. It’s so important to learn the proper stokes and skills. It sounds like they really put both technique and fun in their classes.

  • Melissa Velazquez

    This place looks and sounds amazing. I wish we were closer and could try it!

  • Swim schools are so much fun! I had to giggle, because my kids make up our entire swimming class, and folks always come in before or after and ask where the other parents are. It’s only THREE! Ha! I wanted to instill a mutual respect of the water for my children because I was SO afraid of it until I started high school. I’m still no Michael Phelps, but I’m not afraid to go in or get my face wet anymore. I’m hoping that all of our children end up feeling the same way! Goldfish looks so much fun and so bright! Kids feel like they are going to play, I’m sure!

  • Eva

    This is so neat! My kids can swim, but I still want them to have formal lessons. What a great set up!

  • Carissa

    I love the set up and I have been emailing with them to get my daughter and son in for classes, now I can’t wait to sign them up!

  • KoKoa Magazine

    I love the way that have it setup. Very kid friendly and welcoming. My kids are in swimming too. Such an important life skill to know.

  • This sounds like my kind of place. We went with the county for my son. We couldn’t sit close up and the class was bigger.

  • Monique R. Tillman

    This swim school looks awesome. I am going to put my son in swim lesson but we dont have anything like that in Nashville. We only have a YMCA. I hope something like this come to Nashville.

  • Olivia D. Sanders

    The swim school looks awesome! I love well organized activities for the kids! I’ve never heard of Garden City but I live in NYC. This looks like a school I would love for my son.

  • Ebony Hinton

    My son’s would love this place. I am a firm believer when things are for children, it should look like it. Im sure the children are more excited and willing to participate when yhet walk in.

  • This is awesome! I wish Cayden could have attended but, the commute would’ve been too much. I love that the pool is heated all year round and the facility looks AMAZING! Go Chloe!

  • Looks fun. I wish they had that here for children. They have swim lessons. But nothing like this.

  • Sheena Steward

    This place seems awesome!!! They are organized. I love that the temp of the pool is good for the kids. It’s also cool that they have a progress report.

  • Joyce Brewer

    Our son needs to follow-up on the swimming lessons he took as a toddler. He still wears a swim jacket when he gets into the pool, but I’d like him to get more comfortable.