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More and more children are gaming on iPads; smartphones and other tablets spending tons of time in front of screens that we can’t quite get them away from. Beyond Tablet is here to change the game, as some would say.

I had the opportunity to visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan with my, 3-year-old son and 6-year-old niece to introduce them to this new and cool, educational learning device: Beyond Tablet.

What is Beyond Tablet?

Essentially, it’s a tablet without a screen. A play surface that mixes physical elements like blocks and cards with a smart board that guides kids and parents through a variety of games.

The tablet comes with maps that you place over the board and the surface recognizes the game overlays that start the game.

John Shi, CEO of Beyond Screen, said his company is focused on family or multiplayer use. You can tell he was very passionate about his work and like many parents; he wanted a way to teach and connect with his toddler in a way that didn’t involve constantly looking at a screen. Instead, he wanted to bring back the times where families sat down n interacted with each other.

“The original intention to invent the “Beyond Tablet” was to give Jasper (his 4-year-old son) a fun toy, which did not hurt his eyes and that could be played together with the whole family, as well as an educational platform that integrates the best practices of pre-school education.

He envisioned a game that would inspire his son’s interest in music, improve his working memory, and exercise his logical thinking.

John was very hands on in showing the visiting kids how to play the games and explaining the goal of each game. Most importantly, he stressed how valuable Beyond Tablet is in creating a more engaging, positive learning environment in your home.

John, the creator of Beyond Tablet explaining how to play Lost Pyramids.
Mini showing her cousin how to play Lost Pyramid

Interested in picking up a Beyond Tablet to enhance learning and fun during your next family game night? It can be purchased for $199, which sounds like a lot, but for an interactive learning experience for the entire family to enjoy, we say it is worth the price.

Learn more about the Beyond Table here.

Disclosure: The Beyond Tablet was provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own and are honest.