After years of using pads AKA adult diapers for my periods, I’ve finally switched to using a menstrual cup. Not just any menstrual cup, the soft medical-grade silicone Lunette Menstrual Cup.
The Lunette Menstrual Cup is exactly what it sounds like, a cup used to hold your menstrual fluids.
I’m someone with a pretty heavy flow that worsened after I had my daughter.  I very rarely used tampons, but was very dependent on pads. The thought of inserting a menstrual cup seemed a bit scary. I’m lying; it was scary and nerve wrecking. I thought about all of the things that could go wrong while using the Lunette Menstrual Cup. Will I insert it correctly? Will it hurt? Will it leak? The list goes on. I’m happy to say that after using the Lunette for two cycles, I’m in-love with it.
The Lunette Menstrual Cup is easy to use. If you’re familiar with using tampons without applicators, then you should have no problems using the Lunette. With the Lunette, all you have to do is fold it in half, and then insert it. After inserting, the cup automatically unfolds, and you may hear it suction (I did), which means it’s sealed and ready to go.  If it feels a little uncomfortable just try and reposition it.  It shouldn’t sit directly on your cervix, but rather suction around it. Your vaginal muscles will keep it in place.
You’re probably wondering if I had leaks while using the Lunette Menstrual Cup. Guess what? I didn’t. And to ensure I didn’t have leaks, I wore a regular flow pad, but nothing ever leaked out. I’ve even worn the cup at night, which is when I’d usually experience “accidents” akin to a crime scene, but with the cup, nothing. I was impressed. I can use white sheets
during my period!
Using the Lunette Menstrual Cup has taught me a lot about my period flow. Remember I said my flows are pretty heavy? The measuring lines (7.5 ml and 15 ml) of the cup showed me that’s a LIE! I was using the Lunette size 2, which is for normal to heavy flows. My flow, even during my heaviest days and at night never reached anywhere close to the 15 ml mark. Aside from my lightest flow days, for the most part it measured at or slightly above 7.5 ml.
Again, I’m in-love with the Lunette Menstrual Cup. I’m free of using bulky pads, especially during times when I don’t want to like on vacation or during warm weather. The Lunette sticks with me for every part of the menstrual phase of my cycle, from light, medium to heavy. It’s easy to clean, and keeping it sanitized on the go is easy with the Cup Wipes. Because the Lunette doesn’t need to be replaced annually, it saves a lot of money.
As someone with a heavy period flow, I would recommend using the Lunette Menstrual Cup, especially if you’re looking for something to use that’s easy, hygienic and safe for you and for the environment.  Oh, and let’s not forget how much money you’re going to save once you stop buying pads and/or tampons.  The cup retails for $39.00. It’s available in two sizes: 1 and 2, and in five colors: Classic Clear, Light Blue, Coral, Deep Purple, and
Yellow. To find out more about Lunette Menstrual Cups check out
A lot of the tile work in Morocco resembled the Lunette Menstrual Cup
This cup is supposed to hold all of THAT blood?
– yes and no. Yes, it holds all of that blood until the cup becomes full – and
depending on your flow, that could mean it would need to be emptied as soon as
an hour after inserting it, or not for as long as 12 hours after insertion. No,
it’s not large enough to hold ALL of the menstrual fluid that flows from you
during a single period.  For more on how much the cup holds and how it
compares to tampons check out the link here:
2. My cervix is high. Do you think this will work for me?
Women with a high cervix are able to successfully wear a Lunette cup.  The cup may position itself a little higher within, but to remove it all one needs to do is bear down and let your muscles push the cup lower and then grab the stem, break the seal, and remove it.
3. I’m confused, how does it work? Is it comfortable? Will I feel it? Can I set it
and forget it?
A Lunette cup is folded and inserted somewhat like a tampon into the vagina where sits in the space below the cervix and above the pubic bone.  It collects menstrual fluid that exits the uterus via the cervix.  Lunette menstrual cups are comfortable.  You may feel it at first, similar to when you first insert a tampon.  But Lunette cups are not dry or drying like tampons and your body quickly adjusts to the cup and forgets about it.  Depending on your personal flow pattern, you will soon learn how long to leave the cup in on each cycle day and how often you need to empty it.  When the cup becomes full, it will settle lower within your vagina and you will most likely sense the change similar to how one knows a tampon has become full and needs to be removed.
You can find out more about sizing here: and info about our most common Lunette cup folds here:  and a video showing 9 Lunette folds can be found here:
4. How well do they work with heavier flow cycles?
Heavier flow necessitates more often emptying of the cup – a woman with a light flow may not need to remove and empty the cup more than 2x a day where a woman with heavier flow may need to empty it 3, 4 or more times a day, depending on her flow.  Heavier days require more often emptying.  Lighter flow days require less.
5. I’ve used this cup previously after I had a baby. I didn’t like it because I couldn’t sneeze without having it spill everywhere. I mean everywhere. Why did that happen?
After childbirth, pelvic muscles are often lax and the pelvic floor does not provide enough support for the internal organs.  The uterus is often lower which means the cervix is lower as well.  And, it’s not uncommon for women who are post childbirth to experience the cervix sitting IN the cup.  A cough or a sneeze can cause the uterus to be pushed downward, which plunges the cervix into the cup with force and can even dislodge the cup and cause
leakage.  Pelvic floor strengthening exercises as well as those designed to lift pelvic organs can remedy this problem and prevent such.  Kegel exercises, when done correctly, can work wonders.  You can find great pelvic floor strengthening exercises by checking out Michelle Kenway’s YouTube Channel here:


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