Just for a minute, I’m letting you all into my home.  I’m so proud of myself because the vision I
have for our new house is slowly, yet surely coming together, room-by-room, and
piece-by-piece.  What’s my vision? Well,
it’s my take on farmhouse chic or glam, or whatever I want to call it.
My dining room is the closest I’ve come to my vision for the
look of our new home.  It features a
mahogany farmhouse style dining table with a leaf that expands to seat 8-10
people. I purchased this sturdy beauty from World Market. And of course, since
I’m a bargain shopper, I got it for a good price!
As far as the chairs, I wanted them to be comfortable,
slightly formal, and kid-friendly. 
Amazingly enough I was able to find a set of two beige chairs on
Overstock for under $90 for the pair, and they’re Ethan Home brand, and
retailed for $300+.  Regretfully, I
purchased two sets, and still needed two more chairs for the heads of the
table.  With beige walls and chairs, the
room needed a pop of color.
Blue and purple are my favorite colors.  World Market, which has quality furniture at
affordable prices, had chairs that I’ve been eyeing for months.  Low and behold, the vintage style armchairs I’ve
wanted went on sale from $299 each to $74! On impulse I picked up three, two in
the peacock shade (turquoise), and one in plum. The latter would be a part of
my beauty station. The chairs are beautiful, and comfortable, too.
It’s funny because I purchased the chairs without the
approval of my husband, and knowing I’d already purchased the chairs, I asked
him his opinion of them.  Guess what?  He wasn’t a fan.  That is, of course, until the chairs arrived
and were placed at the table, he could see my vision coming together.  Later on, he eventually complimented me on
what I’m doing to make our house a home.
Now that we have the most important parts of our dining room
together like the table, chairs, and lighting, we need to figure out how we’re
going to do the following:
  • Dress the windows
  • Dress the walls
  • Incorporate a buffet
  • Find a rug

For sure, I know I want a huge mirror on the main wall.  The other things, I’m on the fence about,
which is where you come in.  I’d love to
hear your suggestions or even see pictures of how you think I should finish
styling our dining room.