When it comes to family travel, extra steps have to be taken
in order to find activities for the family to enjoy as a whole.  When kids are added into the equation, it
makes it slightly more challenging as you have to shield the kids from bad
behavior, and salacious conversations… basically you can’t bring them around me
[hahaha].  Today, I am going to suggest a
few family-friendly activities that will keep your collective group of
personalities engaged.

Photo: Diamond Jack
When in Detroit, consider a Riverboat ride.  Diamond
or the River
accommodate groups of most any size, and give riverfront tours of
Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Along
the way you will listen to spirited and/or comedic interpretations of historical
facts on both cities.  The both come with
both cooling and heating to make boat trips possible year round.  You can check the websites directly for
specials and blackout dates to help with advanced planning.
The Detroit Zoo is
located just outside of downtown in Royal Oak, about a 20-30 minute drive.  Initially some of your family members might
feel as if their too cool to visit a zoo, but will warm up once they see the
animals up close.  The zoo offers year
round animal attractions especially as it applies to holidays.  For example there will be a special
Valentine’s Day event where the zoo with special attention to the popular mates
around the property. Also, let’s not forget the babies of the animals who are
always a favorite among visitors.  By
the end of the trip everyone will be on board with the visit and happy upon
Photo: Eastern Market
The Eastern
has been serving Detroit for over a century.  A day at this market will keep your senses on
standby as there are so many sites things to see, do, and buy.  Here, you will find homemade goods, antiques,
produce, food, furniture and much more.

These are just a few family-friendly locations to visit
during your trip to Detroit.  The city
has so much to offer, and quickly earning gaining support as the “Come Back
This article was written by Kitty
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  • Camesha

    How cool! I live in Los Angeles now but Detroit it my hometown. I’m loving this post. Makes me a little home sick! 🙂

  • marciaf

    It’s so nice to see someone showing the great things about Detroit. We get so much bad press. In the metro area there are a lot more things like The Henry Ford Museum (year round) and Greenfield Village (warm weather months). My kids love it there and we bought a family pass. The Detroit Zoo is one of the better zoos around. The exhibits are well kept and there’s always something new there. The lakes surrounding Detroit are fabulous for summer fun. Thanks for showcasing my hometown.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Marcia. I have a coworker from Detroit, and she also raves about it. My family loves the zoo and aquariums, so we would definitely check out the Zoo since you stated it’s “…one of the better zoos around.” From the sounds of it, I need to plan a summer family vacation to Detroit 🙂

      • marciaf

        There’s an aquarium that just opened. It’s about 45 minutes out of the city but it’s supposed to be great.

  • busybeeblogger

    It’s so great seeing the happy side of Detroit. What a great list of fun things to do, even if you don’t have kids

    • I agree that it is refreshing. Before Kitty’s trip, I’ve seldomly herd good things. I’m definitely adding it to my bucket list of places to visit.

  • Kitty Bradshaw

    Yayy! Thank You for getting the post up. It was such an amazing place.