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An old friend from my junior high school days (hey Philippa
Schuyler heads), who is now a father, has added an additional title, author, to
his resume.  Davon Washington and his
son, Chase Washington recently released the children’s book titled Jack theBoogey is My Real Name
Jack the Boogey is My Real Name is a 32-page, hardcover,  picture book suitable for young children who
are afraid to go to bed at night because they’re scared of the “Boogeyman.”  The Boogeyman is notorious for hiding under
kid’s beds and inside of their closets, leaving them afraid of the dark, and
scared to go to sleep alone.  Shoot! I
remember, even, being afraid of the Boogeyman when I was my daughter’s
age.  Of course now, I know he is NOT
real… or do I?

In Jack the Boogey is My Real Name, Jack, the Boogey Monster
takes the reader(s) along on his journey to becoming the Boogey Monster, and reveals
that everything he does is not to scare children, but to instead, protect them.
In fact, what’s afraid of Jack the Boogey are the “real” monsters who are out
to scare innocent children while they’re dreaming.
The illustrations prepared by Ana-Gabriela Stroe mesh well
with the theme and focus of the story. 
The illustrations are very much kid-friendly, and my daughter loved
Jack the Boogey is My Real Name came out just in time since
my daughter has begun sleeping in her own bed. 
Prior to this, her fear were ghosts. 
She’s always voiced “Mommy, I scared. Ghosts are in my room.”  Thank God we’ve gotten through it, and she’s now sleeping in her own bed, and hasn’t mentioned ghosts.  Thanks to Jack
the Boogey, she’ll have no fear of the Boogeyman either.  Now, we just have to figure out what to do
with the other, “bad” monsters that Jack is trying to keep away.

While I’ve never read a scary story, or story about monsters
to my 3 yr old, it’s refreshing to see Davon and Chase Washington use a “monster”
in the alternative way by removing the fear that is usually associated with the
Boogey Monster to help children sleep peacefully at night.  Jack the Boogey is My Real Name is a true story of good vs evil, and to
figure out what I’m talking about you’d just have to read the book!  
The book can be purchased on Amazon.com for $18.93
Check out Jack the Boogey online Jacktheboogey.com, on Facebook, Instagram

Disclosure: Item purchased by Beauty and the Bump.  All opinions are my own and are honest. Affiliate links.