Everything you need to know about the Lunette Menstrual Cup

After years of using pads AKA adult diapers for my periods, I’ve finally switched to using a menstrual cup. Not just any menstrual cup, the soft medical-grade silicone Lunette Menstrual Cup. This cup is used to collect and hold your menstrual fluids during your monthly period. Why I Made the Switch to a Menstrual Cup […] Read more…

Know Your Body: How to Count Cycle Days

I think we have all learned about the reproductive cycle in health class, and perhaps some things about the birds and the bees from our parents, siblings or friends; however, I’ve noticed through my participation on TTC boards, that there are a lot of women who are confused about how to count cycle days.  I’m not […] Read more…

Period Problems: How to Chart Your Menstrual Cycle

Currently, I am on CD19. My last menstrual period was a breeze compared to the last few. Hardly any cramps, and if I did have them they were not severe. This last menstruation wasn’t heavy either. Thank God!  I will continue taking the progesterone cream I reviewed last week since it seems to be helping.  Oh, and […] Read more…

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