New Year’s resolutions

Embrace a year of adventure with this printable featuring 16 New Year's Resolutions for your travels helping you start a wanderlust-filled year!

16 New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

Embark on a transformative journey in the coming year by setting meaningful New Year’s Resolutions for your travels. Breaking free from routine, fostering a spirit of adventure, and embracing the unknown are the key ingredients for a year filled with wanderlust. Let this two-page printable guide you through 16 inspiring resolutions, each accompanied by practical […] Read more…

A new year means a new slate to start fresh. Before jumpstarting your goals for the new year ahead here are 25 ways to reset for the New Year.

25 Ways to Reset For the New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This past year was a tough one, which is more of a reason for us to reset so that we can move forward to accept what this new year has to offer us. Moving forward means we have to reflect not only on the good but what may have gone wrong to […] Read more…

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