Menstrual Cup

Intimina Lily Cup Forget about your period

Menstrual Cups: All Your Questions Answered

Periods are not something women like talking about because the stigma behind periods is that it’s dirty, messy, and causes women to act irrationally. But I know how important it is to have conversations about menstruation and how to manage it so that we can go on with our daily lives as normally as possible.  […] Read more…

Everything you need to know about the Lunette Menstrual Cup

After years of using pads AKA adult diapers for my periods, I’ve finally switched to using a menstrual cup. Not just any menstrual cup, the soft medical-grade silicone Lunette Menstrual Cup. This cup is used to collect and hold your menstrual fluids during your monthly period. Why I Made the Switch to a Menstrual Cup […] Read more…

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