Easter basket

Do you have a 9-year-old girl for whom you're making an Easter Basket? Here are ideas for Easter Basket fillers for a 9-year-old girl.

Fun Things to Stuff in a 9-Year-Old Girl’s Easter Basket

As Easter approaches, parents eagerly search for Easter basket ideas to delight their children, regardless of age. Although my daughter is now 13, I vividly recall the joy she found in her Easter basket at 9 years old. She cherishes the excitement of receiving gifts, relishing surprises, and feeling cherished. Thus, I diligently craft Easter […] Read more…

Calico Critters Nursery Collection

Stuff Easter Baskets with the New Calico Critters Nursery Collection

Recently, Chloe’s World of Play and I did a Facebook Live unboxing of the latest from EPOCH Everlasting Play: Calico Critters Nursery Collection. This new collection that features the cutest little Baby Critters and specially designed environments arrives just in time to fill your little one’s Easter Baskets. The Calico Critters Nursery Collection has blind […] Read more…

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