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You may be looking for reasons to choose an unmedicated birth. Personally, it is something I would do again.

Considering Unmedicated Birth? Here Are 7 Reasons You Should

Creating your birth plan can be a fun and exciting experience. If you’re to the point in your pregnancy when you are ready to put your plan to paper (around 32-36 weeks), congratulations! You’re almost there. Let’s talk about reasons to choose an unmedicated birth.  Related: I Would Do It Again! My Unmedicated Birth Story […] Read more…

I’m hoping my own natural birth story will provide a ray of hope for all moms-to-be to realize their own inner strength and capability. Unmedicated birth Natural Birth

I Would Do It Again! My Unmedicated Birth Story

Every expectant mom has reservations and anxiety when it comes to giving birth, especially at the thought of doing it naturally (without an epidural). This is precisely why I wanted to share my own natural birth story with you because I’ve been where you are, and it is possible to have a positive natural birth […] Read more…

Vaginal Delivery? Here’s a List of Postpartum Must Haves

Even though my experience with a vaginal delivery was nearly nine years ago, I vividly remember the things that made postpartum recovery easier. During the recovery period, in addition to being exhausted, I experienced so many things, such as bleeding and cramping, sore perineum, constipation, and more. At the time, to deal with these things, […] Read more…

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