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Porsche Experience Center Atlanta: Learn Practical Driving Skills for Everyday Safe Driving

The Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, a developmental track, can be described as the ultimate adventure park for adults. Car enthusiasts, Porsche owners or soon-to-be owners, even individuals who would like to brush up on their driving skills in a high-end performance vehicle can take advantage of the driving experiences at the Porsche Experience Center in […] Read more…

Prevent Pothole Damage When Driving on Long Island Roads #TakeOnPotholes

Prevent Pothole Damage When Driving on Long Island Roads

Although so-called pothole season came to an end on May 1st I’m still suffering. My morning and evening commutes are everything short of smooth; it’s full of bumps and jolts. I am dodging potholes on Long Island roadways, parkways and streets left and right. I joke with my husband that it is like dodging landmines, especially […] Read more…

We Don’t Wear Coats in the Car During the Winter

Winter is here! Here in New York City, although it hasn’t yet snowed, we can feel the cold. When it is cold we bundle up! Big warm coats, scarves, hats – the works.  However, my family and I do it a bit differently when we are driving. We don’t wear coats in the car during […] Read more…

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