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Baby Must Haves found at Costco Ba

Do You Shop at Costco? Here are Four Baby Must-Haves to Buy

Getting prepared for a baby may feel like an overwhelming task. Having just gone through that myself, I totally get it. With all these baby items available it can feel like your baby needs everything including a new [farmhouse] kitchen sink. I know that I’ve said this before: babies don’t need much and it is […] Read more…

Beauty and the Bump NYC shares essentials for baby to add to your baby registry so that you're yo prepared for baby's first three months of life.

Baby Registry Checklist: Essentials for Baby – First Three Months

I created this Baby Registry Checklist because putting together a baby registry can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially for first-time parents or parents like me who are basically starting over due to years passing between their first child and current pregnancy. There are so many baby supplies on the market these days making it […] Read more…

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