We’re Cruising on the Carnival Dream…What to bring?

In August, my family and I will be heading on our biennial family cruise on the Carnival Dream.  We’re talking seven days with a 16-month-old, energetic little girl on a boat. Already, she is walking (sometimes trying to run) everywhere.  Imagine in two months’ time what she will be like?  I can’t even think about […] Read more…

Juicing myself healthy with my Vitamix!

Lately, I’ve been using my Vitamix to make whole green juices for my husband and I.   He’s on a healthy kick, so I figured I can help him out, plus, it wouldn’t be bad for me either.   What are the benefits of green juices? Able to consume a wide variety of fresh produce […] Read more…

Are you a faux supporter of breast feeding?

While going through my blogroll I came across this blog post by Blacktating, titled “Monica and Brandy “Debate” Breastfeeding.”  It is cool when celebrities, especially black celebrities are pro breastfeeding, and are nursing women themselves, but when they make stupid, ignorant comments like these two, it just takes  pro breastfeeding efforts a step back. In […] Read more…

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