Milk Monday’s: Breastfeeding & Traveling Without Baby

  Today’s ‘Milk Monday’s’ topic is maintaining breastfeeding when away from baby. A reader is concerned her baby will not want to breast feed when she returns from  being away, and wanted to know how I dealt with it. In January, I had gone on vacation out of the country for 5 days away from […] Read more…

Thirsty Thursdays: Island Grand Marnier Bay Breeze

Mom’s need a cocktail (or two), too! I’m not saying you should get wasted, but sometimes it is nice to sit down, relax and have a drink.  In my ‘Thirsty Thursday’s’ posts I will share with you my favorite cocktails.  Some are on the girly side, some are strong.  I’m sure there will be something […] Read more…

Milk Mondays: Yogi Tea Woman’s Nursing Support

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, were good to your father’s and husbands, and spent Sunday relaxing and recuperating. I had an idea to start Milk Mondays where I will talk about something relating to breastfeeding.  It can be a question I received from a  friend or reader, or an issue I’ve had in the past.  Anything.  If […] Read more…

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