Intimina Lily Cup Forget about your period

Menstrual Cups: All Your Questions Answered

Periods are not something women like talking about because the stigma behind periods is that it’s dirty, messy, and causes women to act irrationally. But I know how important it is to have conversations about menstruation and how to manage it so that we can go on with our daily lives as normally as possible.  […] Read more…

Stress and infertility: Does Calming Down Really Work? Studies show that while infertility causes stress, stress doesn’t cause infertility.

Stress and Infertility: Does Just Calming Down Really Work?

Many times throughout my journey to become a mother, I’ve heard it all. From “It’s God’s will.” to “Just calm down!” Although without ill intent, people will try to tell you that one of the reasons you’re having a difficult time conceiving is that you’re stressed, and you need to relax more. Yes, unsuccessful attempts […] Read more…

Trying to Conceive After Experiencing a Miscarriage

I personally know that experiencing a miscarriage is devastating. It is not something everyone will understand unless they have gone through it. You’ll feel a range of emotions as you grieve. You can feel isolated, angry, sad, and it can be all-consuming. It is all normal. Some may want to try conceiving right away, while […] Read more…

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