Week #2 of Camp Warner Bros. is going to be even more fun.  We have a sweet activity to do that coincides with this week’s movie Steven Universe: The Movie.

Camp Warner Bros. Week #2 – Make Crystal Gems

Week #1 of Camp Warner Bros. was spent tie-dyeing our camp shirts. And according to my 9-year-old daughter, because she, “Tie-dyed shirts all the time”, says the shirts aren’t yet ready. Unfortunately, I can’t show off mine yet. But, I hope you and your family, just like we did, enjoyed superhero training camp from Batman, […] Read more…

Basic Invite makes creating custom holiday Christmas cards and invitations easy. Offering 250+ designs, 180+ colors & more. Basic Invite discount code.

Basic Invite isn’t Your Average Custom Card Company

Every Christmas my family sends out custom holiday Christmas cards. We love being able to add our own flair to photos we’ve taken specifically for the holiday season, and then being able to send it out to our family and friends. Custom card companies, like Basic Invite, make this possible. Basic invite is Not Your […] Read more…

Welcome to Uglyville! DIY UglyDolls Craft

Welcome to Uglyville! DIY UglyDolls Craft

The UglyDolls movie is in theaters in just a few days (May 3)! Remember we made UglyDoll-themed cupcakes? Well, we are back at it with a DIY UglyDoll craft. My mini created a not so cute, but cute DIY UglyDoll that would fit right in at Uglyville. Where being and looking weird and strange is […] Read more…

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