Kim S.

Kim is a 30 something Brooklyn, NY native, currently enjoying Long Island suburban life with her husband and 8-year-old daughter, Chloe. She not only works full-time and is a freelance makeup artist, but also shares her love for the things that she finds beautiful: her love of family, travel, cars, and makeup and skincare on Beauty and the Bump NYC. In addition to that, she is a writer for A Girl's Guide to Cars. Now, if that wasn’t enough, she also took on the role of class parent for her daughter's 2nd-grade class. These are all tough jobs, but somehow, she gets it all done with style, grace, and of course, beauty.

Make these Lifestyle Changes to Prepare for Pregnancy

Everyone knows that in order to prepare for pregnancy, your health should be in its prime. There are things that women and couples should do to increase their chances of optimal fertility and have healthy pregnancies. When trying to get pregnant, there are so many things you should be aware of, such as your fertility […] Read more…

Prevent Pothole Damage When Driving on Long Island Roads #TakeOnPotholes

Prevent Pothole Damage When Driving on Long Island Roads

Although so-called pothole season came to an end on May 1st I’m still suffering. My morning and evening commutes are everything short of smooth; it’s full of bumps and jolts. I am dodging potholes on Long Island roadways, parkways and streets left and right. I joke with my husband that it is like dodging landmines, especially […] Read more…

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