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We are in the thrusts of the holiday season. For many families, this means holiday shopping, putting together dinner menus, and preparing for their favorite holiday traditions. For our family, that means setting up our Christmas decorations whilst wearing our favorite holiday family matching pajamas. Whether we’re sitting in front of the fireplace watching movies or playing games, once our tree and decorations are up, it’s matching family pajamas for the remainder of the holiday season.

Lazy One Matching Pajamas Holiday Flap Pajamas

Why You Should Make Family Matching Pajamas a Tradition?

Make family time fun

Turn everyday events into special family time by adding matching pajamas into the mix. Movie night might sound simple, but adding coordinating pajamas opens up a whole new world of fun.

Kids enjoy it

Your littles want to do (and wear) everything you do! Whether you’re dressing up for a special holiday or just because they’ll love wearing coordinating pajamas that look exactly like their mom/dad or siblings.

Foster family bonding

Take your bedtime routine to the next level. For little ones struggling with saying goodnight, reading books and snuggling up in your matching pajamas before you tuck them in can be a great way to ease the transition from play to sleep.

Holiday traditions

I enjoy starting a new tradition with my family. You may too. Family matching pajamas is an easy and fun tradition to begin. They are great for family photoshoots or just lounging around the house. Pictures serve as a memory to remind your family of the special moments you shared.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or just love being cute and cozy, matching holiday pajamas are perfect for getting in the holiday spirit. Lazy One Flapjack holiday matching pajamas


How to Start Your Own Holiday Matching Pajamas Tradition

So how do you start your own holiday matching family pajamas tradition this year with pajamas? It’s easier than you think — and a lot more fun than you might expect.

Whether it’s something you grew up doing as a kid or a brand new tradition you want to start with your family, wearing traditional Christmas pajamas in the morning is the perfect way to kick off the magic of the day. However, what I do is create a Christmas eve surprise box filled with fun items for the kids, like a book, hot chocolate, and a pair of holiday family matching pajamas. The kids enjoy opening up this pre-Christmas surprise to further spruce up the Christmas magic. Another thing we do in our home is decorate while wearing our matching Christmas pajamas.

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Christmas pajamas are the best outfit to lounge in, enjoy meals, watch Christmas movies, and cuddle around the fire as your kids enjoy their gifts. Pajamas are a simple and easy tradition to start because they require no special effort. I mean if you don’t consider finding matching sets for your entire family an effort.

It seems like everyone is catching onto this tradition because matching family pajama sets fly off the shelves quickly; however, brands like LazyOne, have cute and cozy family matching pajamas for the holidays that are available on their website and on Amazon.  So if you haven’t secured your coordinated outfits, check out what they offer, and order ASAP.

I personally love their Flapjacks bodysuit style matching pajamas. These pajamas have a functional drop-seat for adults. However, the seat is decorative on the kids’ and baby’s sizes. These pajamas are perfect for bedtime. Just button your family up in these cozy pajamas, and snuggle under the covers to stay warm during a cold winter night! LazyOne offers all styles and varieties in matching family pajama sets. Get pajamas for mom, dad, kids, and even the dog!

Whether you celebrate the holidays or just love being cute and cozy, adorable matching holiday pajamas are the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit.