The West Coast is one of the #1 areas to visit in the country, especially because of its awesome family-friendly destinations. You have warm temperatures all year in California, public parks and mountains in Washington, and seashores and skiing in Oregon. We truly can’t ignore these areas as prime vacation spots.

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If you and your family are exploration enthusiasts, then the west coast is a must-visit area. You’ll particularly appreciate a West Coast excursion, climbing, trekking, water sports, and the freshness of nature flourishing everywhere. Here are a few areas to consider adding to your family travel bucket list.

Best Family-Friendly Places to Travel West Coast

Beautiful scenery in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Lincoln City, Oregon

First up on places to visit on the west coast is a seashore town on the focal Oregon coast. Lincoln City has a variety of activities from kitesurfing and glassblowing to crabbing and clamming facilities. Kite flying is a lifestyle in this town most likely with the help of its beachfront breezes. You and your kids wouldn’t want to miss flying a few kits while visiting this town. 

If you’ll be traveling during the summer, you may also enjoy June’s greatest yearly occasion, the Summer Kite Festival. Watersports lovers take this to the limit, allowing the kites to direct them through the open, blue waters while kitesurfing. Your family can give this a go by taking a few local fledgling classes, which are accessible to all. There are also a variety of other classes you can take while visiting there!

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📸 Visit San Juans

San Juans Islands, Washington

Over 170 islands make up the west coast destination of the San Juans Islands. In the late spring, the months have almost 16 hours of daylight and little downpour making it ideal to venture out for most of the day. Spotting whales and bald eagles are normal in the San Juan Islands, and families would enjoy kayaking in the sea or climbing, trekking, or zip-lining in the woods. The islands can be reached by ship (reservations required) or seaplane. If visiting this area is on your must-travel-to list, make sure you have researched and planned accordingly.

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📸 Visit Bend Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Regardless of whether it’s ski or kayaking season, Bend, Oregon is a prime family-friendly travel location. The town is shielded by mountains from most beachfront tempests, so it only rains once in a while and there is little to no dampness. It very well may be one of the only few places in the U.S. where families can ski toward the beginning of the day and off-road bicycle in the early evening!

Everything is just a short distance away and super convenient to midtown Bend. Families, especially those with small children, benefit from staying close to downtown. This will put you closest to convenient strolls to shops, eateries, parks, and the Deschutes River. Just a 20-minute drive away is the delightful cascade climbing trails and ski fun at Mt. Lone ranger.

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This town is conveniently located just off the infamous Coast Highway 101. You and your family will thoroughly enjoy seven miles of beach paradise. Two of the most ideal beaches for families, Taramack and South Ponto, have lots of activities to keep you and your kids busy and having fun.

Carlsbad, California

This town is conveniently located just off the infamous Coast Highway 101. You and your family will thoroughly enjoy seven miles of beach paradise. Two of the most ideal beaches for families, Taramack and South Ponto, have lots of activities to keep you and your kids busy and having fun. You’ll be able to take advantage of swimming, surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, and even beachcombing. Taramack also has a four-mile-long Seawall. If you’re looking to catch some one-of-a-kind waves, then you’ll definitely want to check out Terramar Beach!

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San luis obispo california
📸 Vist San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, California

The casual appeal of this interesting town on California’s prime coast makes it ideal for family west coast travel experiences. The coast’s vast areas make for an incredible climb, and San Luis Obispo has its path framework intended for youngsters. Laguna Lake Park includes simple climbs, and those that circle at Johnson Ranch can be ideal for families with littles. There are various foot voyages all throughout this beautiful walkable city. While you’re there, take advantage of visiting Downtown’s Mission Plaza, which has lots of unique shops on Higuera Street. 

A view of Big Bear Lake, California.

Family travels are a chance to encounter new things, unwind, make memories, and bond with your friends and family. It may be hard to pick just one place to go, so consider making it a several-day road trip adventure! Pick places that will have something for everyone and have fun.

We urge all travelers to take protective measures against COVID-19. Please familiarize yourself with these prevention tips from the CDC. Plan ahead and research your travel destinations to avoid closures and verify hours of operation.

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