None of us could have imagined what 2020 was going to hand us. I created a whole vision board for 2020 filled with some pretty ambitious goals. I never could have anticipated how the events of this past year would impact them in both a negative and positive way. For instance, there were  goals I’d set out to achieve like increasing my travel, especially with my friends, which was, of course, put on hold. While other goals like increasing my income, working with specific brands, and working from home, all were achieved. It goes to show how impactful making a plan and setting goals help get you the things you want. This is why, at least for me, creating a vision board is important. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start too. Use this mini vision board printable to jot down and keep track of everything you want to achieve this year. But before you begin, let’s get into what a vision board is?

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The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start setting goals. This mini vision board printable will help you with your goals.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of words, phrases, and images that are reflective of your inspirations, dreams, and goals. The idea is to have visual reminders of the things you want to achieve in your face so that you are constantly focusing on working towards them. Think about the Law of Attraction, if you’re familiar with it, it’s the same idea (check out The Secret).

Why You Should Create a Vision Board

Vision Boards Help You Focus on What You Want

Your vision board, as long as it’s purposely placed, can help keep your goals in focus. Whereas keeping them inside your head, they get lost and forgotten about like everything else. Plus, when you see something on a daily basis that’s inspiring, you’re more likely to stay on track.

Making Them is Fun

Whether you’re creating them alone or in a group, vision boards are so much fun to create.  There’s something about looking through magazines for images reflective of things I want to achieve. Cutting and pasting like a grade school student. Using glitter. And then seeing it all come together at the end.

How to Create a Vision Board

Making a vision board is easy. But first, you need to settle on the goals you’ll like to achieve and why you’d like to achieve them. If you’re stuck on goals, check out this list of goal ideas. The thing about vision boards is that it is created based on your personal vision. You can focus on as many or as few areas as possible. My mini vision board printable has all the most popular categories on which people tend to focus. These include:

  • Love
  • Fun
  • Family
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Social
  • Travel

There is even a place for you to place your word(s) for the year.

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The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start setting goals. This mini vision board printable will help you with your goals.

This Mini Vision Board Printable Helps Keep Your Vision In Focus

This mini vision board printable allows you to keep your goals in focus. After printing it out and completing it, you can then make copies to place anywhere you know you’ll see it daily. You can even frame it and place it somewhere you’ll see it daily like your bathroom or bedroom wall, your desk, etc. The options are endless. Plus, when using this vision board printable, you’re able to update your goals as they change. It’s a lot less cumbersome than recreating a new elaborate board every quarter.

Do you create vision boards? Comment below to share how they’ve worked for you.

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