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While at Sweet Suite a few weeks ago, learning about all of Crayola’s latest products, I was intrigued the most by their “Thank a Teacher” campaign. Upload a self-made ‘Thank You’ note and win awesome prizes like a $10,000 classroom makeover for my daughter’s teachers? I was sold!

Crayola Thank A Teacher Campaign Sweet Suite 2018

Immediately, I thought of two teachers to thank from my daughter’s school: her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Piccarillo and her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Harris. These past two school years have been a breeze for both our daughter and us as parents. Knowing how much of a thankless job being a teacher is we know that these two teachers deserve to win one of the many prizes through the Crayola Thank a Teacher campaign.

These two teachers made getting her to leave us every day for school easier. As parents, dropping our kids off at school for the very first time is hard. We do not know how the new environment will affect our kids. It takes special teachers like the ones my daughter had in kindergarten and first grade to be warm, encouraging, challenging, and provide the space for our daughter to grow into her own little person. Each teacher has spoken life and greatness into the future of our daughter. Their words and encouragement have shaped her love for school, getting her work done, and being a good student. We are happy that her school career has gotten off to a great start with these two teachers, which is why we are thanking them via Crayola’s “Thank a Teacher” campaign.

Crayola Thank a Teacher Campaign_BATB Colored Thank you

You’re probably wondering why this campaign, right? Aside from Crayola being the only brand of crayons and markers our daughter has used since being able to draw and color, the Crayola Thank A Teacher campaign will allow us to do something special [and big] for her favorite teachers. Our ‘thank you’ can make our daughter, teacher and school eligible to win one of 10 grand prizes which include:

  • $10,000 classroom makeover for the teacher
  • One year supply of Crayola products for the school
  • $1,000 scholarship for the student
  • $1,000 gift card for both the teacher and school
  • Free CreatEd seminar for the school

Knowing both teachers, I know that each would put the prizes won to good use. It would also be cool to see my daughter’s thank you note featured on a special box of Crayola Crayons during this holiday season. She would be ecstatic to see that.

In addition to these prizes, there will also be a weekly sweepstake that runs concurrently with the contest where each entrant has a chance to win $500 gift cards for themselves and their teachers, which is pretty awesome too!

Crayola Thank a Teacher_Teacher info

Submitting entries to the Thank A Teacher campaign is pretty easy.From now through August 25, 2018, kids and their families can enter the Crayola Thank A Teacher contest by creating their own handmade thank you notes to their teachers or using a template provided on the Crayola website, and then uploading them here: https://thankyou.crayola.com/.

Crayola Thank a teacher campaign thank you note template

Join my family and me and thank a special teacher in your kid’s lives, and help Crayola reach one million ‘Thank You’s’ through the Thank A Teacher campaign for all of the amazing teachers out there.

For official rules please visit: http://www.crayola.com/ThankATeacher