Meet Constructive Kidicisms and Nurturie!

Press Sample
Constructive Kidicisms is a full-branded baby and children’s line focusing on simple, empowering messaging geared to aid children to explore their own attitudes and identity.
Creator Mamie Dayan Vogel wants children to be proud of who they are and encourage them to be more than what is considered the “norm.”
I Can Iron and Invest Constructive Kidicisms Future Madame President Constructive Kidicisms
The brand consists of twenty-four different designs of onesies and tees and all have been given creative names such as, “Iron and Invest, Future Software Engineer, I can Dance & Design a Business Plan, Cook and Code, and Future madame President. Mamie has been working for two years to design the perfect message for her children’s clothing line and is finally ready to embrace the industry!
Constructive Kiddicism Tshirts by Shani P.
All onesies and tees are sized from NB-5/6T and the price point is $21 for t-shirts and $25 for onesies. The clothing line launched in New York City this February & will be available in all 50 states.

Nurturie the Kid-friendly, Healthy meal delivery service

Regina Reale is the mastermind behind Nurturie.  Leaving her little time to prepare healthy meals, she turned to delivery services that didn’t  provide nutrient-rich and kid friendly food she needed. So she decided to do it herself and Nurturie was born – an on-demand delivery service offering healthy, nutrient dense meals that tots will actually eat!
Nurturie one sheeter by Shani P. They use quality, fresh, organic and nutritious ingredient with a lot of hidden veggies that your kids will have no idea they are eating because the food tastes good. Below are their Broccoli Almond Cheddar Bites and Turkey meatballs with fresh marinara. I couldn’t try the Turkey Meatballs but Cayden loved them.  The Broccoli Almond Cheddar bites were pretty tasty too! 
Nurturie Turkey Meatballs & Broccoli Almond Cheddar bites
Their menu changes weekly and accepts orders up until the evening before delivery. Currently, the service is only offered in Manhattan but, they are hoping to expand to the outer boroughs soon. 

*Samples were provided for review consideration only. All opinions are my own and are honest.