Do we have any tea lovers in here? If so, then this is for you! Beauty and the Bump attended “The Art of Earl Grey” cocktail party hosted by 10th generation Twining, Stephen Twining. The event took place at the vintage-chic Haven’s Kitchen located in New York City’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood. During the event, we talked tea and we were able to sample the Twinings Tea Earl Grey infusions: Jasmine, Lavender, and Extra Bold.

Twinings Tea The Art of Ear Grey Tea

The History of Twinings Tea Earl Grey Teas

Twinings Tea’s history dates as far back as 1706 – that’s over 300 years of tea-making.  Their popular Earl Grey tea has a rich history; it was specially curated by Richard Twining in 1831 for Prime Minister Charles Grey who wanted a team like one that was given to him by a Chinese Mandarin. This is from where the Twinings Tea Earl Grey tea earned its name and its royal signature of approval.  Prime Minister Charles Grey gave the tea its royal signature of approval in appreciation for Twinings naming the tea in his honor.

Twinings Tea Earl Grey History

Fun Fact:
Twinings Tea original tea shop, The Strand is still open in its original location. It has been trading tea for over 300 years! We will be sure to visit during our upcoming trip to London in April.

The Art of Twinings Tea Earl Grey

“The Art of Earl Grey” cocktail party afforded us the opportunity to indulge in delicious cocktails using the new Twinings Tea Earl Grey blends: The Newcastle, The Canterbury, and The Strand.

Twinings Tea Earl Grey History Stephen Twinings

While my husband and Stephen Twining chatted about all things British and gave each other a hard time about which is the better team – Tottenham vs West Ham United (my husband would say Tottenham) – I found myself sipping on the Canterbury.

Twinings Extra Bold Early Grey The Canterbury

The warm bourbon and Extra Bold Earl Grey tea made for the perfect hot toddy for the cold and rainy evening.  My husband, someone who is not a fan of bourbon nor gin, opted for the Newcastle, a rum cocktail using the Jasmine Earl Grey tea as a base.

Twinings Tea Earl Grey Cocktails

To accompany our beverages, there were Earl Grey tea-infused bites. I especially enjoyed the chocolate truffles. I must have eaten about 10!

Twinings Tea Earl Grey Cocktails

The “Art of Early Grey” cocktail party not only allowed us to chat tea with Stephen Twining, and learn the history of Earl Grey teas, but we also had the opportunity to have a custom designed teapot made on the spot. Any true tea drinker needs a proper teapot.

Twinings Tea Teapots

It isn’t every day that you get to talk and sip tea with a Twining. We enjoyed every bit of it from sampling the new Twinings Tea Earl Grey tea infusions to chatting with Stephen Twining. We were happy to have been able to enjoy such a wonderful night out and be able to go home with a box of each tea to enjoy in our new teapots in the comfort of our home.

Twinings Tea Earl Grey Tea Infusions

Try the latest Twinings Tea Earl Grey Infusions

The next time you are out shopping for tea at your local grocer, be sure to check out the Twinings Tea Earl Grey teas (MRSP $2.99/ 20 count box):

  • Jasmine Earl Grey is an exclusive Early Grey blend in the tea market. It is mixed with the intoxicating scent of jasmine with a slightly sweet taste.
  • Lavender Earl Grey has a floral and fresh aroma with a soothing taste. It is best for those who want to relax and unwind, especially after a long day.
  • Extra Bold Earl Grey is an intensified Earl Grey blend that was created to uplift and rejuvenate with its rich and vibrant taste, that is enhanced with natural citrus flavors.
Twinings Tea Tip:
To savor the full flavor of our teas, bring water to boil, and pour over the tea as soon as it reaches boiling.  Over-boiling will cause oxygen to be reduced, making the tea taste “flat”. Brew for 3 minutes or to desired taste.

Learn more about Twinings Tea here.

Are you a fan of Twinings Tea Earl Grey Teas or any of their other teas? If so, which is your favorite?