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A press visit to Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa was provided in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

My husband and I are a couple who is always down for an adventure, and that is exactly what our visit to Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa was for us. We went into this trip not knowing what to expect.  We did not know what our weekend of detoxing would be like. We did not know who we would meet. But, what we did know was that we were ready to kick start our journey to living a healthier life, and experience something new.


We flew into Houston from New York, and then picked up our rental from Enterprise Rent-a-car. My husband just had to get the convertible Ford Mustang. I must admit that it was the perfect choice for the 50-minute drive in 80-degree weather from Houston to Montgomery, Texas where Deer Lake Lodge Resort is located.



Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa is breathtakingly beautiful. The photos we saw prior to our trip did not do justice for this 50-acre health spa. As soon as we drove through the gates of the secluded wooded resort, we felt a sense of peace. All of the stressors of home and work seemed to have immediately slid off of us. We were excited to embark on our 4-day, 3-night cleansing experience.


While at the Organic Health Spa event this past April, I met Carrie, the Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa Director. She was the first face to greet us upon our arrival. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a familiar face in an unfamiliar environment, especially when you are about to do something for the very first time. Carrie gave us a warm welcome, showed us to our room, which was a beautifully designed shipping container. Yes, a shipping container. Trust me, you would have not known it is one unless you were told.


After settling in, we met Carrie for a tour, which then led to our orientation; a rundown of what our weekend will be like. Our tour ended in the fasting lounge, a place where much of our time would be spent either for classes, making our detox drinks, soup time, and the place where we waited to be picked up for our scheduled treatments and services. But first, we had to become acquainted with our 4-day detox program.


The detox program consists of all liquids and supplements that are broken down into what Deer Lake Lodge would like to consider our breakfast (8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.), lunch (11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.), and dinner (4:00 p.m.).  Breakfast and lunch consists of a detox drink that we have to make ourselves, and dinner, the most looked forward to time of the day consisted of homemade organic vegetable soup.


Since we arrived later in the afternoon, we started off our orientation at lunch, which gave Carrie the opportunity to show us how to make the detox drink. I was we were a bit nervous to try it out, but the scent of the cinnamon made it smell oh-so appetizing. To our surprise, the detox drink was not at all bad. Amen to that! My husband liked it so much he actually looked forward to making it, especially in the mornings. Oh, and now that we’re home, he makes his own rendition of it.

After making our detox drink, we sipped while learning more about Deer Lake Lodge Resort. As our orientation came to an end, Carrie asked if we had any more questions, my husband blurted out “When do we eat?” Carrie’s facial expression was priceless!!! After regaining her composure, she replied “Soup will be served at 4:00 p.m. in the fasting lounge.” My husband did not know for what he signed up.  Detox drink, detox tea, lemon water, and soup was our life for four days… four whole days, but we could do it. We’ve survived living off of green smoothies for 10-days. This would be a breeze… It was a breeze.


During the 4-day detox at Deer Lake Lodge Resort there was not a time we felt hungry. I found myself waking up earlier. Both of us had more energy. Our skin looked brighter, and of course we felt better, but we also lost weight. Thanks to the yoga and for the massages we had, we were also relaxed. Deer Lake Lodge had us on cloud nine.


Detoxing or any life change, for the matter is better when you have someone with which to do it. It was great to have my husband there with me, and then we met two of the sweetest ladies: Stacy and Donna. Both are Texas natives visiting Deer Lake Lodge for the weekend. With them, we shared our experience, laughed and talked. Both ladies even invited us back to visit them during our next trip to Texas to show us around. They truly warmed our hearts just like the soup we made daily with April Ree.


April (Sweet Mama) showed us how to use raw foods to create delicious, healthy meals. The soups, which consisted of vegetables and organic vegetable broth placed into a vitamix, and then blended. Let me tell you, these were some of the best soups I have had. April also made for us avocado chocolate pudding, which was amazing, as well as an almond smoothie. There was not anything that she made that we did not like or did not want seconds of. Dare I say, we did not miss any of the [junk] food we were used to eating.


Our experience at Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa really had us reconsidering all of the things we put into our bodies. We vowed to make a change in our diet, and continue on a path to healthier eating and living.


Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is where we made new friends along with new memories. Deer Lake Lodge increased our knowledge on the best foods to help us live healthier lives so that we can have more time for more adventures together. The next time you are planning a trip to boost your health, detach from your hectic life, and rejuvenate, consider making a visit to Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa. You will not regret it. In fact, we cannot wait to visit again.

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Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa
10500 Deer Lake Lodge Road
Montgomery, Texas
(936) 647-1383

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A press visit to Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Health Spa was provided in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.