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This is my first appearance as a Beauty and the Bump contributor in well over a year and I’m more than happy to be back in the mix. (Please. Hold your applause. You’re far too kind. Thank you. I missed you too.) When my wife offered me the RAND Luxury Brunch Ride and Drive event to cover there really was no decision at all to be made. This, as they say, was a no-brainer! “David check this out! Want to have brunch at a multi-dollar Hamptons estate and test drive a Ferrari or Maserati while you’re at it?” Take a wild guess what I told her…. Like I said, a no-brainer.


My wingman for the Rand Luxury Brunch Ride and Drive was my brother. As with me, selling Gerry on coming along for this Beauty and the Bump event was easy. I read the invite to G (that’s what I call him) over the phone: “G, invited guests will enjoy fine cuisine, champagne, scotch and spirits at a beautiful private estate in the Hamptons. All guests are able to indulge in an exclusive experience with some of the finest Maseratis and Ferraris ever built. You in?” Take a wild guess what he told me…. Like I said, a no brainer.

The Sunday of the Rand Luxury brunch arrived and we knew we had arrived at the right place once we saw THE sign. The “For Sale” sign outside and its asking price spoke “beautiful private estate in the Hamptons.” G and I could only imagine what was in store for us on the other side of the 15 foot hedges and inside the expansive 8,600 square foot compound. We’d soon find out.


What a spread! We had an all-access run of the entire mansion except for the lower level (that’s where the movie theater is located). True to the afternoon’s theme, luxury vendors were set up all throughout the home and its grounds. These were some of my favorites.



Three of our favorite Caribbean destinations had tourism representatives present.

Turks & Caicos

Boasts 7 main islands along with 40 small islands and cays. Providenciales received TripAdvisor’s pick for the world’s top island in 2015. And in 2016, Grace Bay Beach grabbed top honors as TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice #1 of the top 25 Beaches in the world. Kim’s surprise birthday present 2 years ago was a week on Provo’s Grace Bay Beach. Reminisce with us and see here for that post.

Check out TripAdvisor to learn where to stay, what to do, and where to eat when visiting Turks and Caicos.

Antigua & Barbuda

An island country composed of two main islands and a number of smaller ones; nicknamed the “Land of 365 Beaches”. Antigua was a destination during our 2012 Caribbean cruise. With only a few hours in port for the day to enjoy zip lining and jet skiing, we experienced only a tiny portion. Our family is due for an extended visit. I hear Antigua Sailing Week is a party you must attend at least once.


Check out TripAdvisor to learn the best places to dine, sleep, and more while visiting Antigua & Barbuda.
The Bahamas

Consists of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets. Whatever you may have in mind you can fulfill that desire in The Bahamas. Pink sand beaches. White sand beaches. Grand resorts. Seclusion and serenity. Scuba diving. Snorkeling. Bird watching. Fishing. The list goes on.

We’ve visited twice and our two favorite beaches were Taino and Paradise Beach.


Read about the best places to stay, where and what to eat, and more on TripAdvisor.



These are some really, really cool toys.


Organic Light Emitting Diode. What should this mean to you? Everything if you own a television. Kodak invented the OLED technology, but LG purchased and owns the patents; which means LG now owns the best TV’s ever manufactured. The LG 4K OLED TV mimics human vision which means it is the only TV capable of producing its range of realistic, brilliant colors and clear, quality images. You really have to see this image quality for yourself! LG’s website states, “Stop watching. Start seeing.” Once you see the LG 4K OLED HDR TV with your own eyes you’ll see the difference and you will definitely want own it. Contact Robert Zohn, an LG licensed retailer and owner of Value Electronics in Scarsdale, for details.


Kube by Thomas & Darden

Kube is “concert-quality sound you can take anywhere.” Its rich sound fills an area even at low to moderate volume levels – one speaker could be heard all throughout the mansion’s grounds. And at  higher outputs, the Kube maintains its composure delivering distortion-free sound. Kube is full of surprises! It is both weatherproof and wireless. With  its elegant appearance, you’ll be doubly surprised to find out that Kube also doubles as a cooler. Obviously it’s designed to keep the party going in more ways than one. Your get-together, barbecue, trip to the beach, etc. will never be the same.
Blatt Billiards

Family-owned since it began in 1923, Blatt crafts custom pool tables for the world. If you can imagine it, they can make it then ship it anywhere. Want your table to have a contemporary look? Or are you a traditionalist? Pick any wood. Even choose Italian marble if that’s your fancy. Whatever your preference is, the end result will always be the same: an eye-catching centerpiece for your game room.



Treats that will make you throw the saying “Do everything in moderation” out the window!

Sail Away Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee and I don’t mix (until now). I have always drunk tea. My place of birth (England) factors into my preference. My family’s habits growing up factor in more (we drank tea everyday). What factors in the most though is this: coffee and my innards big time disagree (until now). I unwittingly downed a cup of Sail Away’s cold brew coffee at the Rand Luxury Brunch. I initially thought it was a stout. I like beer so I gulped it down. It was only after I finished it that my brother told me it was coffee. It was smooth. It was pleasant. And best of all, it didn’t give me bubble guts. Two thumbs up for Sail Away’s cold brew (and that’s coming from a diehard tea drinker).

Chateau Saint-Maur Prosecco

I had largely overlooked prosecco, but no more. I guess I was more familiar with champagne than its Italian sibling. They essentially are one in the same except for their origins, the grapes used, and the pricing. Prosecco is just as delicious and it is typically far less expensive than its French sibling. Enter Chateau Saint-Maur’s L’Excellence 2015. If I could curse to get my point across as to exactly how tasty this rosé is I would go full on bleepity bleep bleep bleep mode for you all. My [BLEEP-ing] goodness! I wish I had a case of this [BLEEP] right now! [BLEEP!]


New York Prime Beef

If a good steak satisfies then a great steak satisfies more (a catchy saying I just made up)! I think steak is my favorite food group, so once I found my way over to the grill you knew where to find me for the rest of the afternoon. Filet mignon. Wagyu. New York Strip. And more. You don’t need to head to a chophouse to be treated to restaurant quality steak. You can stay at home and enjoy steaks dry aged to perfection from New York Prime Beef.


Move in style.

Ferrari-Maserati of Long Island


It’s just different. My first time in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari – specifically, the 2016 Ferrari California T – convinced me of what I had long suspected and long hoped to know firsthand: it is just different. I had 3 minutes and a 2 mile loop to fulfill a lifelong dream – and I went for it! As soon as I pulled this convertible Italian dream car off the premises I asked, “So, can I open it up?” Before the salesperson riding along with me could finish saying “Absolutely,” I had the accelerator floored. In a split second I was pinned back to my seat as we bolted down a narrow single lane country road topping 90 miles per hour. It accelerates differently. It handles differently. It feels different. It is different. It’s a Ferrari.




Needing to charge your phone or device but having no way to do so is problematic. These days it’s akin to the end of the world being just around the corner. You have a few options to pick from in order to avoid getting caught out there, but there’s only one I recommend you choose: a Puku. Puku is the portable charger for those of us who like stylish things that actually work! Unlike the portable charger Kim and I had been using, the Puku is both sleekly designed and fast charging. Our toaster-oven of a portable charger is bulky and takes about as long to charge a phone as it does to run a full marathon backwards. All uphill. On a pogo stick. The Puku however, goes 0 to 100 real quick (like one popular rapper from Toronto). Ask me how I know. My phone died at the event and Meck, Puku’s CEO and Co-Founder, charged my Samsung Note 5 making me an instant believer. Don’t get caught out there! Get a Puku!

Jet Aviation

You and I may be in the same boat right now when it comes to private aircrafts. Like myself, you have yet to take a chartered flight onboard one. And like myself, you can see yourself calling ahead to have the pilot fire up the Gulfstream for your family’s trip to let’s say… Grace Bay. Or perhaps Paradise Island. Or maybe that would be Antigua for Yacht Week for you and your family. For the time your dream becomes reality arrange your itinerary through Jet Aviation.


It was almost as fun creating this post for you to read as it was attending the Rand Luxury event. I say almost as fun because let’s be real, wouldn’t you rather be behind the wheel of the Ferrari California T instead of in front of a laptop screen.
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RAND Luxury is an international event-production company founded by entrepreneur Bradford Rand that caters to the world’s finest and most unique brands. Based in Manhattan, the RAND team has produced over 1,100 events since 1993. Events include “The Luxury Technology Show,” in New York & Los Angeles, “The Luxury Lounge” during The Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival which showcase brands during exclusive film receptions to producers, directors, celebrities, film investors, directors and VIP guests, “The Hamptons Brunch Series” takes place on $6 to $20+ million dollar estates featuring driving experiences from Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini & Aston Martin.  RANDLuxury has also produced unveiling events for such brands as Rolls-Royce, SONY, Bugatti, Hasselblad, Giorgio Armani, Leica, Lexus, Aston Martin, LG Electronics, Bentley and more. Other notable shows and charity fundraisers the team has produced include The Luxury Review, Go Green Expo, The Red Cross Ball and City Harvest. The team also produces the Fashion Career Expo, a professional hiring event for the industry since 2003 that is sponsored by WWD / Women’s Wear Daily.  Bradford Rand’s other conferences include The Cyber Security Summit & TECHEXPO Top Secret.