Disclosure: I was compensated for this post about the Vtech Safe&Sound® VM344 by Momtrends; however, all opinions are my own and are honest.


Courtesy of Momtrends, Beauty and the Bump was amongst a select group of Mom Bloggers at Ludlow Studios to compete in a #VtechNursery Design challenge. This was not your ordinary design challenge, as each of our three teams of moms had to come up with a creative way to functionally design a nursery that displayed their latest baby monitor: VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera.


The #VtechNursery Design Challenge and Luncheon kicked off with an introduction by Momtrends’ own, Nicole Feliciano. While listening to Nicole and learning about the VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera, we enjoyed small bites like mini sandwiches, and salad, which we washed down champagne cocktails using fruit juices like guava, orange, kiwi and strawberry. It was the perfect start to help us get motivated for the design challenge on which we were about to embark.


My team was great! There were five of us in total, one of which was an interior designer, which I personally thought was helpful. We all seemed to mesh perfectly with each other, and come up with a nursery design that would include a beautiful patterned rug as the focus. Out of the five of us, four of us loved that rug! We all wanted to take it home. Aside from making sure all of the pieces from furniture to accessories, complemented our focus piece, we had to ensure that the VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera was properly displayed.


We used some stuffed animals – a unicorn and an elephant – to sort of disguise the VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor. Its owl-like shape made it simple for it to blend in with its animal friends. Don’t you think?


Once the monitor had its place, and we were satisfied with the look, and before running out of time, we added our finishing touches.


Team #3, the last team to go. Definitely, the best was saved for last – or so we thought. Unfortunately, we did not win the design challenge; we lost out to team #2. .:Womp Womp:. Secretly, we know our design was the best.: lol:.

Below are all three team’s designs for you to judge for yourself.




Even though our team did not win the #VtechNursery Design Challenge, we are offering you a shot at winning your very own VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera (Retail: $199.99) to help you safely monitor your child, and design a nursery of your own.

Entering is easy. Comment below, and follow the prompts on the giveaway widget.

Win a VTech Safe&Sound® VM344

About the VTech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera.

In the adorable shape of an owl, this monitor will make a stylish addition to any nursery. The VM344 also features digital transmission, to reduce the risk of eavesdropping while cutting down on background noise. Remote pan, tilt and zoom lets parents scan baby’s room right from the parent unit and – thanks to automatic night vision – allows users to see their little one without disruption, even after dark. Parents also never have to worry about missing a single smile thanks to the camera’s full-color, high-resolution 4.3-inch LCD screen. The VM344 expands up to four total cameras so parents can keep an eye on more than one child or room at the same time.

The VM344 also lets parents rest assured that monitoring their child from a distance will be a breeze, thanks to the monitor’s 1,000 feet of range, which allows mom or dad the freedom to look after their family from most spaces within, and just outside, their home. The monitor’s two-way, talk-back intercom additionally lets users soothe their little one without having to enter their room.

Learn more by clicking here.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post about the Vtech Safe&Sound® VM344 by Momtrends; however, all opinions are my own and are honest.

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  • PhancyPheet

    My pick is Team #3

  • Starla

    I love all of them! If I had to pick I would choose nursery #3! I love all of the different colors and furniture pieces!

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    I like Team 1

  • Natalie

    I love Team #1 design! I like the colors and the layout.

  • daytodayMOMents

    Team 2! 🙂

  • momtrends

    Thanks for participating ❤️

  • Ty Beth

    I am on Team #2. I like the way it is laid out so you can do other things like tummy time and have enough space. I also love the blues.

  • Elle

    I like design room #1.

  • My favorite is team 1. I like the simplicity of their design.

  • Aaron Reck

    I really like team two. I would like to gift for my friend Chassity baby shower. She need this.

  • Annabellainla

    I like the design of Team 1 the best – the rug makes the room

  • Jessica B.

    I love the Team #3 nursery. This design would look so cute in my little girl’s room. I’d love to win the Vtech monitor for her.

  • Eva

    I would have loved to have this when I had babies! Vetch always has such interesting tech for families.

  • Donna Shana

    Very nice event! I wouldn’t even know where to start with designing a room. All of them were cute to me

  • You guys did a great job. I haven’t had the chance to decorate a nursery, but I know I will have fun if I do.

  • Oh wow, this sounds like a neat event! Lucky you!

  • Tiffany Heard

    That looks like a fun friendly competition. I personally would have voted for team #3, The room looked very stylish, the rug is really cute.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I would have loved to design a nursery like this for my babies! I love option #3! Very stylish.

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    Oh wow, I wish I could have had something like this when I had my daughters. Your nursery is cute!!

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    That’s a cool challenge! Everyone did a good job but personally, I think your team had the coziest design 🙂

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    I really like team #3 design.

  • Daria Vinning

    Team 1 is the way I go…My daughter is 24 now so of course my planning days are over, but there’s my grand-daughter and I have another one on the way, so this monitor would be so awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is my kind of activity. Although you didn’t win you certainly did a great job. The camera looks really cool and unassuming.

  • Kemkem

    That looks like it would have been a fun time. I might be a bit nervous as l think l would have slipped some fruity drink on the decor or something :-). Love that owl and elephant set on the table..nice disguise. Team 3!!!!

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    I love all 3 nurseries!! This is the cutest baby monitor…it actually doesnt even look like a monitor which is what I like!

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    I like Team #2.

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    I have to say I like #3 the best, I’m in love with that rug pattern!

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    I like Team Number 3 the best!

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    Such a cute monitor! And the designs were great! I loved decorating my daughter’s nursery.

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    team 3 i like the best

    • Thank you! You are forever welcome here lol

  • Ann

    team 1!

  • Team 3 all the way. You want to put that big comfy chair next to the crib for easy transfer.

  • Kristin

    Love Team #2 totally maximized the space.

  • Melissa Velazquez

    I too love the rug in your nursery. That monitor is the cutest thing!

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    This is one of the cutest baby monitors I’ve seen. I love how it will fit in with any color or design of a nursery.

    • Isn’t it so cute! IT makes me want to have a baby just so that I can have one lol

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