Disclosure: Complimentary tickets to see STOMP were provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.


I was 10 years old when STOMP made its New York debut. I remember wanting to go see it then. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the show as a kid. However, almost 20 years later, I was finally able to see this amazing performance of percussion and movement using the body and ordinary objects like trash cans, a kitchen sink, and more. What made it even better was that I was able to enjoy viewing STOMP with my family.


One Sunday afternoon, my mom, mom-in-law, daughter, husband and I trekked into the East Village of the City to the ORPHEUM Theater where STOMP was showing. Little did we know that for our five-year-old daughter, this day, with her seeing STOMP, would turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences for her.

“Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that’s dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm.”

From the description alone, you can already tell that STOMP is a show any kid will enjoy. Our daughter was wowed by the ways each of the eight cast members used objects she can unfortunately find at home to create music. I say unfortunately because if you take your child to see STOMP he/she will definitely try their hand at recreating the rhythms heard throughout the performance. Hide your pots, pans, spoons and garbage cans. You’ve been warned!


The adults in our group, myself included, enjoyed the Zippo Lighter routine where the STOMP performers use the lighters in a magical showing of light and sound. It was pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself.

We also enjoyed the part of STOMP where the performers attach themselves to harnesses and hang from the air and climb the walls while either playing a sink and garbage-can inspired make-shift drum kit, swaying as they kept a melodic beat. I would say that this was probably the most exciting part of the show for us. Impressive to say the least.


As you can imagine, STOMP can get a bit loud at times with all of the banging, which is when my mom and mom-in-law did not enjoy it so much. That said, the older folks may want to bring ear plugs.

At the end of the show, guests were allowed to take photos with the performers. Of course my mom had to take advantage of this photo op. Myself and mini me did as well. You can see us with performers Krystal Renee and Ivan Salazar.


Overall, our family outing to see STOMP went without a hitch. Our daughter definitely enjoyed seeing the performers work their magic with simple household items. She was on her seat for the full hour and 45-minutes of the show (no intermission). Be sure to check out a show the next time you and your family are in the city. You will not regret it!

Find out more about STOMP on the website, and check out TripAdvisor for reviews!


Have you seen STOMP?

Disclosure: Complimentary tickets to see STOMP were provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.