Summertime is the busiest season for airport travel. Families are traveling more since the kids are out of school, which means the airports are often more crowded. We all know how hectic airport situation can be when you’re dealing with kids, your luggage, a stroller, and more. Why add to the stress? There are ways to make your travel, especially if you’re flying out, a bit easier. You just have to plan ahead. Don’t worry, if you follow these tips below, you’ll be managing your summer airport travel for your family like a pro!

Save time by choosing wisely.

Schedule your flights for non-peak days, for example, fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday when the airport is less busy. You will not be caught up in long lines checking in for your flight or for airport security. Or if you’d like to avoid it altogether, you can do what we did and apply for Global Entry for every single member of your family. The $300 it cost us was well worth it for the five years of not having to stand on lines or take off our shoes when going through security.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

I am so pro-pre-planning. I create excel spreadsheets with packing lists, our itinerary, emergency contacts, etc. One thing that makes me nervous is not being prepared for our airport travel, and it should also make you nervous. Make sure everything is in order before you get to the airport. Have all of your confirmations, proper identification, and valid passports (if needed). Also, downloading the airline’s app may also serve to be beneficial allowing you to check-in and receive status updates on your flight.

Organize your things.

As a Virgo woman, I believe in being organized, especially when it comes to airport travel. I feel so much better when I know exactly where are my travel documents including our ID’s. There’s nothing like knowing you brought something with you, but not knowing where you put it, so make sure everything is where you can quickly grab them, but still in a safe place. Oh, and remember to clean out your bag. There’s no need to bring along 10 different lipsticks, which is something I’m guilty of. Trust me, two is enough, and your bag will have less clutter and be lighter.

Pack Light.

In the words of Erykah Badu “Pack light.” Seriously, you’re going on vacation, and more than likely it will be hot. There’s no need to pack a ton of clothing, and items you know you will not use.  Pack a few cute swimsuits, interchangeable items that can make different outfits, and at least two pairs of shoes that can go with almost anything.  Trust me, you don’t want to check-in your luggage only to find out you have to pay an overweight luggage fee. If anything, purchase a luggage scale to weigh your bag at home. You don’t want to spend more time at the check-in counter over a heavy bag, which may lead to you missing your flight and spending even more money.

Now that you’re armed with these timesaving tips to help you through your summer airport travel, go catch your flight(s) with your family with no stress attached.

Thank me later!

Manage Summer Airport Travel Tips

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