Working full-time in an industry where health and wellness promotion and prevention are the focus, I personally know the importance of keeping up my healthy lifestyle changes even while traveling. The travel industry has noticed this trend as well, which is why the Organic Spa Magazine hosted a wellness travel event: The Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event.

The Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event


Wellness now represents a $3.4 trillion global consumer-driven market and wellness tourism is growing at a faster rate than any other travel category.

The event took place at the posh Mandarin Hotel in New York City, and brought together both travel media influencers and wellness travel brands at an interactive showcase demonstrating what’s new in travel for health and wellness.

Health and wellness of the whole body was the focus of the Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event, and that was reflective in the brands represented there.

Costa Rica Travel Board

I was excited to see the Costa Rica travel board in attendance, as it is one of the locations on our travel bucket list. I was able to chat with the representative, Cheryl, about the many ways Costa Rica is the perfect setting for eco travel full of adventure, culture, and relaxation. It was also refreshing to hear that most, if not all of the restaurants in Costa Rica are farm-to-table using fresh and organic ingredients. The Costa Rica booth was also equipped with a masseuse giving you a glimpse of one of the services to be taken advantage of when visiting this beautiful country.

Pyore Skincare

Skincare brands like Pyore (pronounced pure) develop products from natural ingredients, and are created with one’s complete well-being in mind.

MyChelle Sun Shield Organic Spa Magazine

MyChelle, a brand with which I’m familiar was also in attendance to educated attendees on its SunShield products that are reef-safe that allow you to protect both your skin and the coral reefs when swimming at the beach.

Violets are Blue

I was able to chat with breast cancer survivor, and founder of Violets are Blue, a skincare line that’s both natural and safe for the environment.


Taking care of your skin topically is one thing, but it’s also great to work on it from the inside because what we put in our bodies can always show on our skin. Neocell presented smoothies featuring their premium quality collagen-based supplement line.

Aura Cacia

Because I want to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the products I use most often, I sometimes sit at home and experiment with essential oils. I’ve made hair treatments, body scrubs, toners, and even deodorant for my daughter, so when I saw Aura Cacia, one of the leading brands in the essential oil market, I just had to stop and chat. Charlynn was able to debunk some myths about essential oil use, especially surrounding Lavender oil use in children. I also made a hair mist using sustainable Moroccan Argan Oil and special oil blend that I was able to take home.

Mayan Shaman Rosewood Mayakoba

I had the most amazing experience at the Rosewood Myakoba / Riviera Maya booth with a Mayan Shaman. So amazing that I am working it out in my head on how to get there to indulge in the full experience at this beautiful resort. The Mayan Shaman begged me to follow what it is in my heart to do. She knew exactly what it is that I want to do, and knows that I am suffering because I am not doing it. How did she know?



Another beautiful tropical location represented at the Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event was St. Lucia, which is another location on my travel bucket list. Armin gave me a detailed rundown of the bodyholiday, a wellness resort that focuses on whole body wellness. The resort caters to couples and singles, but, if you’re looking for a little romantic twist to your wellness vacation you may want to check out its sister resort Rendezvous.


Is this a sign? For the second time in one week I got to meet a representative from Canyon Ranch, only this time it was at the Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event. Canyon Ranch is the ultimate luxury health spa resort offering guests weight loss programs, stress management techniques, and vacation spa services – everything needed to detox, relax, and release. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect place for parents, especially moms to de-stress and decompress? I’d love a weekend visit here.


Other travel destinations with a focus on wellness and adventure include the following:

  • Mahasukha Spa at MENLA
  • Deer Lake Lodge Resort
  • New Life Hiking Spa

Attending the Organic Spa Magazine 4th Annual Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event has ignited a greater interest in traveling for wellness. Traveling can boost your health, mental status, focus on becoming a better you, and help you to fully recharge. With the business of life whether it’s due to work or being a parent, we all need to focus on our health and well being, and what better way to do that than through travel. Thank you Organic Spa Magazine for putting together this event.

If there are any specific places you’d like to see featured on Beauty and the Bump, just leave it in the comments below.

Do you travel for health and wellness?

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