Disclosure: Beauty and the Bump was provided a Mim-Mim plush toy. All Opinions are our own, and are honest.
On March 18th Disney Jr. released ‘Mim-Mim’s
Eggscellent Easter’
. Our soon-to-be five year old was excited to view this
Easter special while she held on tightly to her new Mim-Mim plush toy. She’s a
huge Kate and Mim-Mim fan, and quickly gave us a lesson on what Kate &
Mim-Mim is all about both during and after the Easter special.
In this special episode of Kate & Mim-Mim, titled
‘Mim-Mim’s Eggscellent Easter,’ Kate wakes up very early on Easter
morning.  She and Mim-Mim twirl away to
Mimiloo while they wait to search for chocolate, only to discover that Boomer
and the Tee-Hee Rexes, using a special machine, have already collected all the
Easter eggs, leaving none for the rest of Kate’s Mimiloo friends! It’s up to
Kate, Mim-Mim and the rest of their friends to hop to it and help the Easter
Bunny save Easter before the rest of Mimiloo wakes up!
This Easter special of Kate and Mim-Mim, ‘Mim-Mim’s Eggscellent Easter’,  had our daughter on
the edge of her seat as she watched. We hope when you catch this episode when
it airs again on March 25th at 7:00 p.m.
About Kate &
Kate & Mim-Mim, now in its second season on
Disney Jr., was developed by the husband and wife creative team of Scott &
Julie Stewart who based the character of Kate on their real life
daughter.  In another added bonus, the real Kate, now eight years old,
voices the character of the Easter Bunny on ‘Mim-Mim’s Eggscellent Easter’.


The series has proven to be a hit that preschoolers are
taking with them wherever they go – coming in 2016 are a range of products
including toys and books. DVDs and digital content are already on the
market.  You can get an even better sense of the passionate Kate &
Mim-Mim community of the Kate & Mim-Mim community by checking them
out on Facebook
and YouTube.
Disclosure: Beauty and the Bump was provided a Mim-Mim plush toy. All Opinions are our own, and are honest.
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