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Three weeks ago I bit the bullet, took my Palette Profile
quiz, ordered my wines, and joined CLUBW
Honestly, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

You’re probably wondering, “What is CLUBW?” It’s a monthly
wine subscription service that utilizes a “Palette Profile” quiz to curate a
selection of wines that suit the subscriber’s personal preferences.  Don’t worry, CLUBW doesn’t force you to go
with their suggestions; you’re allowed to choose your own, especially if you
see another wine you’d prefer.  Fortunately,
their selections for me included wine choices I liked.

I’m a huge Riesling and Vouvray lover, and as far as reds
go, I love Pinot Noir, while my husband is into Malbec, Sirah and Chianti.  For this month’s delivery, I went with three
wines: 2014 Wilhelmina Riesling, 2013 The Independent Petite Sirah, and 2013
#TBT Pinot Noir.  Since CLUBW is always
having a promotion, I was able to get three bottles of wine for $20.64 (shipping
included).  I was surprised to see how
fast my wines arrived, and to open the box to find wine tasting cards for each
of the wines that includes a description of the wine, tasting notes, and
information about the flavor profile.
Out of the three wines I picked up from CLUBW, I first opened
up the 2014 Wilhelmina Riesling.  This
was really good! It wasn’t as sweet as other Riesling’s I’ve had, but it was
sweet enough. It went well with the Shrimp Rasta Pasta I had made by The 71ate
My husband opened up the 2013 The Independent Petite Sirah.  That’s more his scene. I did take a sip. Even
with it not being a red I prefer, I found that it had a fruity taste, and wasn’t
as dry as other reds I’ve tried. My husband, on the other hand, loved it! Maybe
he’ll personally write a review for it.  I’m saving the 2013 #TBT Pinot Noir for my
#TGIT Shondaland nights.
I love wine so signing up for a CLUBW subscription was a no-brainer,
and I can’t wait for my next delivery! If you’re like me, I think you should
sign up for CLUBW, too. Just ask my friends (LOL okay, you can’t ask them),
they’d tell you that for wine lovers, CLUBW is the business!  The CLUBW subscription costs $39.00 + $6 flat
rate shipping (shipping is free if you order 6+ bottles).  As I mentioned previously, CLUBW always has
some kind of deal going on.  They
sometimes send codes so that one or two bottles are on them, which is cool, and
it allows you to try more wine for less.  It’s a truly a win.
Club WJust in case you need more information to help you consider
joining CLUBW, I think you’d find it cool that CLUBW wines are sourced directly
from vineyards and winemakers, which helps Club W avoid middlemen and secure
better wines for less money.  By shipping
directly to the consumer, CLUBW is able to avoid volume quotas and offer more
unique wines from smaller lots. Basically, you’re getting exclusive wine
delivered to you on a monthly basis.
Although it’s a monthly subscription service, CLUBW allows
you to skip a month, just make sure you login to your profile to do so.  A CLUBW wine subscription makes an awesome
gift, too. Gift options are available starting at $50.
Also, make sure, on your delivery day that someone aged 21+
is available to sign for your wine. 
What do you think of CLUBW?

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  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Great review! I’ve seen them in advertisements but wasn’t sure how it all worked!

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  • FabZilla_Kath

    Good subscription for the wine lovers. I’m a party pooper, I don’t drink 🙁

  • marciaf

    You make me want to drink again but I don’t because of headaches. I’ll mention this to friends though who love wine.

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  • I was just thinking about signing up this subscription, and now I am more than convinced.

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    Oh a wine club sounds nice! You have me convinced I need to try the Wilhelmina!

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    The Scentbird of wines! Sounds like fun

  • I checked this out. I don’t know much about wine, so it’s great that it offers suggestions! I love sweet wines like Reislings.

  • BeautyJudy

    Ok so I need to join this so that wine starts showing up shortly after I give birth this summer, lol!!! Your box sounds awesome, I am a big fan of petite sirah, pinot noir AND Riesling!!!

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    Looks yummy! We always open a bottle on Friday evenings to celebrate the end of a busy week and the beginning of a busy weekend. Maybe we’ll look into joining the club.

  • Great post! This company is such a great idea. It’s the perfect Birthday Gift, Father’s Day Gift, Mother’s Day Gift, Wedding Gift, House Warming Gift, lol for anyone who LOVES wine! I think most people do. I can’t wait to gift this to my grandparents. I really enjoyed my wine : )

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